Lynx Collision Wasabi + Fresh Linen 48hr Deodorant Bodyspray 165ml

4 99 ea

New Lynx Wasabi + Fresh Linen collides two fragrances that seem to clash but instead make a fragrance that is oh-so right. By embracing the unexpected, we encourage guys to unleash their unexpected side and express their best, unique self. Sometimes when the most unexpected things come together, they can create something surprisingly good!

The fragrance Wasabi + Fresh Linen is a new and novel take on green freshness. Spicy yet delicate wasabi, ginger and pink pepper sit next to revitalizing mint and juicy pineapple; all this zing wrapped up on a freshly laundered linen. Together, these scents result in an unexpectedly cooling and enveloping fragrance.

• 48hr fresh
• Long lasting freshness
• Unexpected yet delicious combination of Wasabi + Fresh Linen
• Spray on your underarms to feel the difference.
• Shake, twist and spray directly on underarms and body.
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