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Shopping list

Helping you plan your shop. 

Helping you plan your shop

Love a list: make it, take it, stick to it, save the planet

New research from the Love Food Hate Waste campaign reveals 74% of us claim to use a shopping list, but only 55% of us actually stick to it. They are calling for kiwis to Love a List to help reduce the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of avoidable food waste sent to landfill.

The research found:

- High food wasters in particular are especially likely to not follow their shopping list with only 36% of them writing a list before going shopping compared to the national average of 74%.
- 33% of shoppers admit that writing a shopping list would help them to reduce their food waste.

There are all sorts of ways to make shopping lists, and in turn, decrease the pressure on local landfills.

  • The more you plan, the less you buy and the less you toss out. But the key is, stick to your list.
  • Keep a list on the fridge or in the kitchen so you can add to it when you need. If your list is on a whiteboard simply take a photo of the list to take to the shop.
  • Use the New World app or I shop to make a list.
  • Check what’s on special in the online mailer before you go shopping so can plan your meals around them.
  • Try not to shop with kids, as that can make it harder to stick to your list! If they do come along make them in charge of looking for the items and then crossing them off the list. 

    Download PDF list