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New World 2020 Foodbank Appeal

Feed the New World 2020 Foodbank Appeal is all about giving, from one family to another.


What is the New World 2020 Foodbank Appeal?

New Zealand is a small country made up of one big family. And families look out for each other. Many New Zealanders are struggling to put food on the table, especially through winter. This year New World stores are aiming to donate over 140,000 filled bags to foodbanks nationwide to provide much-needed relief to Kiwi families in need. Simply donate a filled bag at your local New World and we will deliver directly to a foodbank in our community. Together we will bring some much-needed relief to more Kiwi families in need.

Help those who need it the most while you shop at New World.

How it works


  • How can I donate?

    Simply pick up a 2020 Foodbank Appeal paper bag at your local New World and fill it with foodbank-friendly products. Drop the bag at the collection point instore and we’ll deliver your donation directly to a foodbank in the community.
  • What are foodbank-friendly products?

    Our local foodbanks desperately need non-perishable products that are typical household essentials. These household essentials may be anything from canned goods and spreads, tea and coffee, rice and pasta to non-food products like soap, toothpaste, shampoo and sanitary products.

    Keep a look out for foodbank-friendly products highlighted in your local New World.

    Here’s a full list of foodbank-friendly products:

  • Baked Beans or Spaghetti
  • Pasta
  • Tea bags
  • Canned Fruit or Vegetables
  • Box of Cereal
  • Spreads
  • Canned Soup
  • Instant Noodles
  • Soap
  • Canned Pasta Sauce or Tomatoes
  • Rice
  • Toilet Paper
  • Canned Beans or Legumes
  • Flour
  • Sanitary products
  • Biscuits or Crackers
  • Sugar
  • When can I donate?

    The Foodbank Appeal begins on Monday 22nd June and it is possible to donate instore for 3 weeks (until Sunday 12th July). Our local foodbanks are grateful for any support and will of course accept any donations outside of the 2020 Foodbank Appeal. 
  • Which foodbank will receive my donation?

    The 2020 Foodbank Appeal supports the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions, as well as regional foodbanks throughout New Zealand. Check the collection point at your local New World to see the foodbank that they will be donating to.
  • How can I further support these incredible organisations?

    Please check the below websites to find out more information about the fantastic work that the City Missions and regional foodbanks are doing in our community.
  • What else is New World doing to support their local communities?

    All New World stores are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Each store proudly supports charities and groups that reflect their unique local community. From the primary school around the corner to the local beach clean, we are committed to making a real difference for our communities across New Zealand. Find out more about what our New World stores are doing to support our local communities.