From time to time we receive reports that New World customers are being targeted by online scams in the form of display ads, pop-up ads and emails.

Scam Alert - 12 April 2017

We are aware of a recent scam being sent to customers about New World giving away a $2000 voucher.

These are not from New World and we strongly advise that you do not click or engage with these.

If we are running a competition it will always be on our Facebook page or here on our website, so make sure you check these pages first.

Below are 2 examples of this scam.

Some of the pop-up ads and emails will ask for your credit card or personal information to be able to claim a prize. 

These are not from New World and we strongly advise that you do not click on or engage with these.

We will only send email to you when you opt-in, and from the following addresses:

  • New World Let's Talk feedback 
  • New World
  • New World Clubcard 
  • or on the New World Facebook page

New World does not use pop-up banners and we would not ask you for your personal banking details. This is a common sign of a scam. Here are some tips to avoid email or internet scams:

  • Be aware of who is asking for your personal information and what you are signing up for.
  • Only give your email address to people and organisations you know and trust.
  • Look out for tick boxes, or links to a privacy policy so you can avoid your information being sold to other marketing organisations. 

New World takes your privacy very seriously and we assure our customers that their data has been and remains secure. If you think that you are being targeted by a scammer contact us.

Here are some of examples of recent scams:


Emails or ads from: 

  • 123 Greetings