The Great New Zealand Cookbook is full of great kiwi recipes, it is essential for the kitchen or makes a great gift for a loved one.

Savoury delights

  • Beef bourguignon with roasted asparagus, baby carrots and potato mash

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "We love owning our own restaurant here in the ‘Tron – we have wonderful customers who are open to trying anything and who let me cook whatever I want." - Andrew & Julia Clarke  see more

  • Mushroom and herb papperdelle

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "I was given my first pasta machine for Christmas when I was thirteen and kept making pasta again and again until I got it just right. I think people are really intimidated about making pasta at home but in fact it is really quite easy and a lot of fun." - Jay Sherwood  see more

  • Crispy pork and cabbage spring rolls

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "Homemade pork and cabbage spring rolls were the definition of ‘fast food’ in our house growing up. Making them was always a family event where we’d sit around the table rolling them together, seeing who could make the best rolls. Being Kiwis, we’d always have ours with Worcestershire sauce, the perfect complement – yum!" - Anthony Hoy Fong  see more

  • Rhubarb and apple crumble

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "My mum was a great cook and we spent a lot of time with family as my dad has nineteen brothers and sisters, so we were always at the marae in and around food. I remember I wanted to be a cop or a cook, but after my first year of cooking I was hooked. I go back to the marae every now and then – I’m allowed to do a bit of cooking now I’m a chef! " - Rex Morgan   see more

Sweet treats

  • Cinnamon and walnut brioche

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "Both of these recipes, the doughnuts and the brioche, are made from the same dough. I recommend you use fresh, organic ingredients and I hope that you enjoy making your own dough from scratch." - Kim Evans  see more

  • Moroccan rubbed free-range chicken

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "Whenever I’m travelling overseas its always the little back-street restaurants that you normally can’t find that are my favourites. I bring back menus and sit down with my chefs and muddle some recipes around to suit the local ingredients available here in Taranaki." - Terry Parkes   see more

  • Smoked fish pie

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "When I first started Fleur’s Place I’d have people sitting waiting with their cutlery in their hands and I’d say “see the boat coming around the corner, that’s got your fish on it!” These days from the moment I open my eyes it’s all about “where are the fishermen and have you got any fish today?” Every day the restaurant is filled with people from all over the world and I’m reminded how fortunate I am. Every day is a highlight for me." - Fleur Sullivan   see more

  • Raw raspberry brownie

    By The Great NZ Cookbook

    "Little Bird came out of me trying to feed and heal myself as I’ve always had allergies and ended up seriously ill and unable to work. My philosophy is that we should be eating foods that make our bodies feel good, whatever they might be. It’s about health." - Megan May  see more