Such a classic! Perfect for getting pre-schoolers to stir the mixture and spoon onto baking trays. They’ll love being involved and you’ll be happy with the results … treat yourself to a cup of tea once the clearing up is done.


Tea Time

Family Feasting

  • Grilled chicken thighs with spicy Brazilian sauces

    By Tegel World Kitchen

    Comments: 2

    This is for when you crave the taste of the Brazilian BBQ, churrasco, but the weather is not on your side. Here is a recipe for grilled chicken skewers with some fabulous dipping sauces.  see more

  • Rack of lamb with a herb crust

    By The Gates Country Lodge

    Lamb and Pinot Noir are a great match. This recipe uses a premium cut and is wonderfully easy to prepare and cook. The perfect partnership!   see more

  • Asparagus flan

    By Lois Nunes

    A wonderful light and moreish flan that is a winner! Especially great to serve for lunch. Delightful, easy to make with pastry you press in a dish rather than roll out.  see more

  • Spiced sugar-glazed corned beef

    By Allyson Gofton

    This corned beef requires double cooking. First it is gently simmered in a flavoursome stock and then richly glazed and baked to tender perfection.  see more

  • Cucumber and pistachio salad

    Cucumber & pistachio salad

    By REAL

    This salad is very tasty eaten on its own with warm, soft flatbread but you may like it with a piece of grilled or pan-fried fish.  see more