Keep the kids busy this Easter by making these delightful bunny cupcakes.


Easter Sweets

  • Easy iced Easter biscuits

    By Annie Bastow

    Comments: 1

    Icing shaped biscuits with royal icing is an acquired skill so I’ve cheated here by rolling out coloured fondant icing and cutting it to the same shape as the biscuits.  see more

  • Lavender & vanilla butter biscuits

    By Allyson Gofton

    Dainty and elegant, these buttery biscuits make a lovely gift for someone special and they also store well for enjoyment throughout the festive season.  see more

  • Easter cupcakes

    By Chelsea

    Comments: 4

    Birds nest cupcakes topped with coconut icing and Easter eggs!  see more

  • Daisy fruit cake

    By Annie Bastow

    Traditionally, the Easter fruit cake is decorated with marzipan eggs. Our recipe includes mashed pumpkin to make the cake very moist and decorated with colourful icing and cheerful daises.  see more

  • Easter biscuits

    By Chelsea

    Comments: 5

    Delicious currant Easter cookies!  see more

Easter Feasts

  • Chunky BBQ beef kebabs

    By New World

    Comments: 2

    Kebabs are such a versatile BBQ dish - Beef, peppers, pineapple and onion is just one example of the many food combo's that you could try.  see more

  • Lemon and thyme chicken

    By The New World Cup

    A combination of simple everyday ingredients that give a sublime result. The taste and smell is Greece on a plate. One taste and I am back in a sunny village taverna. Everyone I serve it to loves it.  see more

  • Butterflied leg of lamb

    By The Gates Country Lodge

    A classic dish with the lamb benefiting from a rosemary marinade. A glass of Australian Shiraz or New Zealand Syrah will bring out the best of this timeless favourite.  see more

  • Potato salad with chives & mustard

    By Pams Love Cooking Magazine

    Need a little something to bring to that Summer BBQ? Impress your friends with this perfect potato salad that's both quick and easy to make!  see more