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Sweet treats

  • Churros with rum and coconut caramel sauce (GF)

    By Dish Magazine

    These churros are absolutely delicious – light and fluffy on the inside with a crispy golden crust. While you would never find a coconut caramel dipping sauce in Spain, my family love it. Enjoy!  see more

  • Flourless hazelnut and orange syrup cake

    By Dish magazine

    This boiled orange cake recipe is famous around the world. Topped with glazed oranges in syrup and served with a bowl of orange syllabub, this turns an already fabulous cake into a stunning dessert.   see more

  • Mango, carrot and ginger juice

    By Dish magazine

    Whipping up smoothies is much quicker if you keep bags of free-flow frozen fruits in your freezer. I slice up several ripe bananas at a time and lay them in a single layer on plastic trays. Do the same for mangoes and other fruits that you use on a regular basis.   see more

  • Walnut and Ginger Cake with Fresh Bananas and Caramel Glaze (GF)

    By Dish Magazine

    A light but rich cake with toasty walnuts and bananas topped off with a decadent brandy caramel glaze. The cake can be made one day ahead of filling.  see more