Answers to common questions about the New World Wine Awards competition.

How much does it cost to enter?

The entry fee is $75 + GST per wine. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent with your entry confirmation.
For non-New Zealand suppliers the entry fee is NZ$75 per wine plus a NZ$25 bank clearing fee. The supplier must pay any customs or excise duty that is charged on imported samples.

What are the entry criteria under $25 wines?

For the under $25 classes from which the top-ranked Top 50 Gold medal-winning wines are selected for the six-week nationwide promotion, wine from any country can be entered and there is no restriction on the number of wines you can enter. The entry requirements are that wines:

• Have a minimum stockholding as shown on the Class Schedule
• Retail under $25, so have a normal day-to-day invoice price without terms or promotional discounts to Foodstuffs of $16.40 or under per bottle, excluding GST
• If selected for the Top 50 can be supplied to Foodstuffs DC in outers of 6 bottles
• Be made solely from grapes.

What are the entry criteria for the new over $25 wine classes?

We’ve added new classes for selected New Zealand wines retailing over $25. These are shown on the Class Schedule and are for New Zealand Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Red Blends from specific regions, plus bottle fermented Brut, Blanc de Blancs and Rosé.

You can enter up to five different wines in total across the over $25 classes and you need to have 1,000 bottles of each wine available for sale. Wines retailing over $25 will have a normal day-to-day invoice price without terms or promotional discounts to Foodstuffs of $16.40 or over per bottle, excluding GST.

What are the new sales opportunities for top-scoring wines?

For Gold medal-winning wines that fall outside the Top 50 selection, Foodstuffs will work with wineries to offer these fantastic top quality wines to other retail banners within the Foodstuffs family to generate sales.

Also with the move to the 100-point judging scale, all wines scoring 90 and above will be given their scores. The medal and score can be used to market your wines domestically and overseas.

How do you judge the wines, especially the low alcohol wines and over $25 wines?

Entries are judged using a double blind identification system and randomised repours to ensure every wine is treated equally. Wines are scored on the 100-point system and medals are awarded as appropriate: Gold 95 points and over, Silver 90 to 94 points, Bronze 85 to 89 points.

Wines are judged in vintage order, younger before older. The Chief Steward, Shona White, ensures judges don’t taste any of their own wines entered into the competition.

To avoid any possible bias wines marketed as lower or reduced alcohol that are entered in Class 15 will be judged within their varietal class. Similarly, wines in the over $25 classes will be judged in their varietal class, randomly positioned within the under $25 wines.

How do you select the Top 50 under $25 wines?

We’re introducing a new layer to the judging to ensure the very best Gold medal-winning wines under $25 are in the Top 50 selection. The Panel Chairs will re-taste and rank the top scoring wines in each class and these top ranked wines will go into the Top 50. The top ranked wines also will be presented to the entire judging panel to determine the ten Champion wines.

What happens to the top over $25 wines?

This is an exciting new area for New World that we’re keen to explore and develop. Selected New World stores will stock and promote the top ranked Gold medal-winning wine from each class – see point 56 in the T&C.

When do I send samples and how many bottles do you need?

On Wednesday 28 June, entries will be confirmed by post to NZ entrants and by email to overseas entrants. This will include an invoice for entry fees, instructions for sending sample bottles and labels to apply to sample bottles.

Sample bottles must be received by Friday 14 July. Please email the Competition Director at if your wine won’t be bottled by this date. Late samples can be accepted until Thursday 27 July by arrangement.

4 sample bottles are required for judging each 750ml wine. 6 sample bottles are required for judging each 375ml wine. For more detail around non-vintage wines, lot numbers, packaging formats, temporary labels, second bottling and closures, please refer to points 26 to 41 in the T&C.

What if I enter but sell my wine before judging so don’t have the minimum required volume?

Just email the Competition Director at to withdraw your wine. Unfortunately entry fees already invoiced won’t be refunded as the work to process the entry has already been completed.

When do I get the results and when can I tell everyone if I win a medal?

All results will be confirmed by email to the entrants email address on Thursday 3 August 2017.

All results are confidential and embargoed until the New World Wine Awards public announcement. The date of lifting the public embargo will be confirmed by email from the Competition Director.

What happens if I win a Gold medal?

The Competition Director will email the supplier of each Gold medal winning wine on Thursday 3 August with the good news!

If your under $25 Gold medal-winning wine has been ranked highly and selected for the Top 50, you’ll be asked to confirm you have the minimum stockholding, that your wine retails under $25 (i.e. has a normal day-to-day invoice price without terms or promotional discount to Foodstuffs of $16.40 or under per bottle, excluding GST) and it can be packed into outers of 6 bottles to go into Foodstuffs DC.

You’ll have until midday Monday 7 August to confirm these points. If everything stacks up, you’re in the Top 50 six-week nationwide NWWA promotion! Foodstuffs will guide you through the process step by step.

If your under $25 Gold medal-winning wine isn’t selected for the Top 50 or falls outside the competition criteria, Foodstuffs will work with you to offer your wine to other retail banners within the Foodstuffs family to generate sales.

If your over $25 wine is the top-ranked Gold medal winner in its class, we’ll be in touch to confirm next steps.

What happens if I win a Silver or Bronze medal?

You’ll receive a medal certificate and a roll of 1,000 medal stickers for each Silver medal wine and Bronze medal stickers are available to purchase. We strongly recommend you use your medal stickers to piggy-back the New World Wine Awards promotional activity to sell your great value, great quality wines.

You can also contact the liquor category team at Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island. They may present your wine for ranging in New World stores, a process which evaluates the merits of each wine and promotional support.

Do you have medal stickers to promote the awards?

Yes, New World Wine Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze medal stickers will be available to purchase from Thursday 3 August 2017. Order form details will be emailed by the Competition Director with the judging results.

You’ll receive your medal certificates and a roll of 1,000 medal stickers for each Gold and Silver medal-winning wine during week commencing 5 September. The cost of these stickers is included in the entry fee. Wineries should sticker medal winning wines until the vintage or lot runs out to leverage the publicity generated by the awards.

Medal sticker images for social, digital and print use are available on request from

Entries closed Friday 23 June.

All enquiries are welcome and can be directed to the Competition Director:

Rachel Touhey, Foodstuffs NZ

Phone 0272 163 986 or email or

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