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COVID-19 updates

Updates from the New World team about COVID-19 and our stores.

How to shop safely

Update: Wednesday 13 April

At 11:59pm on Wednesday 13 April 2022, all of New Zealand moves to the Orange setting in our traffic light system.
We recommend following your local store on Facebook for the latest updates to store hours or changes to store services.

→ Orange

What plans do you have in place to protect shoppers and staff?  

We are following advice from the Ministry of Health who have mandated that all staff and customers must wear masks while we are at ‘orange’. For the most up to date advice on COVID-19, we suggest you visit the COVID-19 website which is

At store and throughout the supply chain, staff are across all health and safety protocols as advised by the Ministry of Health to keep themselves and customers safe. This includes cleaning and disinfecting measures which are in place across all stores and are aligned with food safety practices.   

We’re continuing to work with our stores and cleaning service providers to provide sanitising facilities for customers which include wipes for cleaning trolley handles and hand sanitiser dispensing units which will be placed strategically around stores.   

We would like to stress that none of these measures are being used to replace good hand washing techniques and personal care as advised by the Ministry of Health – the health measures outlined by the Ministry are the best way for the public to protect themselves. These measures can be found here.

What is your position on mask wearing? 

Advice from the Ministry of Health makes it mandatory for all staff and customers aged 12 years and over must wear masks or face coverings in-store while we are in the ‘orange’ setting

It is a government requirement that our staff and customers wear a face covering while in-store and our teams will be managing this on entry into store. At ‘orange’, stores are required to manage the number of people in store at any one time so asking customers to wear a face covering on entry will simply be another action they will employ. In order to meet our legal requirements, we will ask to sight a customer’s exemption card from the Ministry of Health if they are not wearing a mask. Should a customer refuse to wear a face covering and not fall within an exemption then we would encourage them to try our online offering. 

For more information on the Ministry of Health guidelines visit

Are numbers limited?

Sometimes stores may need to enforce limited numbers in store to assist with physical distancing. To assist with physical distancing, stores will also have physical controls and signage to help.

Are serve-overs open?

Serve-overs, self-serve and convenience offer can remain open at ‘orange’. To continue providing a safe shopping environment, protocols including physical distancing measures and increased sanitation and cleaning will be implemented.

Is Lotto open?

Lotto can continue to operate as normal.

Do I need to be vaccinated to do my grocery shopping?

You do not need proof of vaccination and will not be asked to show your My Vaccine Pass to gain entry to stores. Customers must scan the QR code or keep a record of their visits to help with contact tracing, and must wear a face covering when shopping in store.

What do I do if key products I need aren’t in stock? 

If your favourite product is out of stock, we ask you to please consider an alternative. If an alternative is not available, please consider checking back later in the week as supply is constantly moving through the system from DC to stores.  

Why can’t I find a product? 

If find a specific product is not available, please bear with us, it will be back on shelf as soon as the supply chain can move it through. Please be calm, empathetic and courteous to our staff and fellow shoppers and remember our teams are working hard to feed New Zealand #shopnormal. 

Are you going to put product limits in place? 

From time to time, individual stores may put limits in place for certain products. This is to ensure everyone can have a fair go at supply. We are experiencing a demand issue; it is not a supply issue. We have plenty of stock and if customers shop normally, there will be no issues ensuring there is enough to go around for all New Zealanders.

Are we having stock issues?

If customers continue to shop normally stores will have no issues providing the usual range of products. We would ask all New Zealanders to resist the urge to stock up as this simply puts unnecessary pressure on stores. 

Why are the prices of some items still so high?

We are doing everything we can to meet our customers grocery needs, including keeping prices fair during these tough times. We are committed to ensuring New Zealanders can get the everyday products at a fair price during these tough times.

What kind of cleaning do you have in place to stop me getting sick?

At store and throughout the supply chain, staff are across all health and safety protocols as advised by health authorities to keep themselves and customers safe. This includes cleaning and disinfecting measures which are in place across all stores and are aligned with food safety practices. 

What is the situation with online? 

Demand for online shopping is up. There has been a significant uplift in customers using our online shopping services. Stores are working very hard to meet this demand. We ask customers to continue to shop normally, in store or online. 

I can’t find a Click & Collect time slot!

If you can’t find a delivery/Click & Collect time slot, please check back the next day, or shop in store if you’re able. Our Customer Care team don’t have access to any extra times, so please save yourself a long phone call.

Why do my orders sometimes get cancelled? 

On occasion, due to demand, stores may have to decline an order. They are doing their very best to ensure this doesn’t happen but occasionally the demands mean they can’t fulfil some orders.

Why do I keep having a lot of products not included in my order? 

Due to high customer demand there are sometimes gaps on the shelf. If the product is unavailable at store when your order is being picked, then it may not be able to be included. If this happens, we suggest you check back at store in the next day or so when hopefully any product gaps will have been filled. 

New World to retail Rapid Antigen Tests, keeping New Zealanders safe and fed

Update: Monday, 28 February 2022

The Government has approved the retail sale of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) through New World stores, following last week’s shift to Phase 3 of the RED setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

We’re moving quickly to make these available for customers as our priority continues to be keeping our customers and team members safe, and working hard to deliver essential supplies to New Zealanders.

Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) - We’ll be selling in retail

As part of New World's commitment to be HereforNZ, Rapid Antigen Tests will be sold at cost price at New World stores and could be available in stores as early as next week.

New World will sell the Orient Gene Rapid COVID-19 Self Test 5-pack ($32.99 per pack) and the Ecotest COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Nasal Pen 2-pack ($19.99 per pack).

Rapid Antigen Testing is also proving a valuable surveillance tool within our co-operatives. Our teams in supply chain and our distribution centres are taking regular Rapid Antigen Tests which is reducing the risk of transmission at our sites and giving our people extra reassurance we’re doing all we can to keep them safe at work.

Phase 3

Operating in Phase 3 means we’re maintaining our support towards slowing the spread of Omicron and protecting our vulnerable communities. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, we’re prepared and as ready as we can be for what the Omicron peak brings. We have plenty of stock in our distribution centres and we’ve been cross training and employing more people so we can keep the stock flowing to our stores and onto shelves.   

Keeping our customers and teams safe

We’re keeping all the tools we have in place to help keep people safe, including increased hygiene and sanitation measures, physical distancing in store, mask use for teams and customers and scanning the QR app. 

Changes you may see in-store

As more team members are required to isolate you may start to see some changes to how we operate in-store, this is to make sure we can keep our teams and customers safe and the stock flowing onto shelf, so what you need is there when you do your shopping. 

During the Omicron peak, we may reduce the opening times of individual stores, please check our websites and your local store’s Facebook page for the latest up-to-date information.

We may also limit the number of products customers can buy in one shop, so everyone has a fair opportunity to get what they need.  This will vary from store to store.

Our Kiwi suppliers and manufacturers are also doing their best to keep the stock flowing, if your favourite item isn’t available when you shop, please take the opportunity to try something different.

Access to groceries if you’re unwell

As Government has advised, household contacts of individuals diagnosed as positive with Covid-19 are required to isolate and we also ask customers to keep playing their part by using alternative methods to get their groceries instead of shopping in-store if they are unwell.

If customers are unable to come into our stores because they are vulnerable, feeling unwell, or are isolating at home, we encourage them to ask a friend or neighbour to shop for them, or use our online and Click & Collect services, where available. Additionally, Student Volunteer Army have reinstated their grocery delivery service in partnership with New World, predominantly to support people with COVID-19. To access this service go to or call 0800 005 902.

Getting the best value

Supporting New Zealanders to find value with the rise in the cost of living is a challenge we take on every day with passion. We’re not increasing prices as a direct result of COVID-19, we haven’t before, and we won’t now.

Food prices have always varied with product demand, seasonality, weather, and if the product is on or off special playing a role.

We know getting the best value is really important to customers right now, so we suggest shopping seasonally, comparing prices on-line and checking out our websites and apps for more budget busting ideas.

New World is 100% locally owned and operated so our store owners know their communities and their customers and go the extra mile to meet their needs. Over the past two years we’ve continued to keep all of our stores open, and we’re so proud of that. We’re a small country and we’ve done well through this pandemic by working together and respecting each other, and we’ll need to continue to do that. 


Know someone who can't shop for themselves?

We've partnered with the SVA to deliver groceries to those who need it most.

The Student Volunteer Army grocery delivery service is available nationwide to those in self-isolation, elderly, medically vulnerable, or who have no other way to access food.