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Recipe of the week

You’ll be craving tacos night every night with these mouth-watering pulled pork tacos! Made in the slow cooker the pulled pork is cooked to perfection and the whānau will love building their own tacos. Be sure to serve alongside plenty of tortillas, your favourite hot sauce and slaw.





Top tips

Economical cuts like pork shoulder are excellent in the slow-cooker, as they become tender the longer you cook them. Pulled pork is a true family favourite – delicious in a ragu, sliders, tacos, burgers, or nachos. 

Did you know that some pork cuts are healthier than others? The tenderloin (fillet) and cutlet naturally have a lower fat content and are well suited to a quick sear in the pan or fry on the barbecue. 

Good pork cuts for cooking:

Shoulder chop: Chops cut frim the shoulder are a bit fattier than the loin so crisp up nicely (though the fat can be easily trimmed). Chops are great marinated and grilled or pan fried, and can also work well in slow cooking such as braising. 

Diced: Ready diced pork is a low-fat, tasty cut which can be used in everything from stir-fries or curry, to you favourite slow cooked recipe.


Andrews family

NZ Pork: Raising happy pigs in South Canterbury

Helen and Mark Andrews’ pig farm is nestled beneath the Southern Alps near Pleasant Point. The moderate climate, low rainfall and open space makes the farm the perfect place to raise pigs that are as happy as, well… pigs in mud!
The Andrews are passionate about providing individualised care for every one of their sows, so you can be confident that you're buying world-class high welfare pork from New World.