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At New World we work directly with local fishermen and women around the country to help us harvest our fishing quota in a sustainable way. These experts ensure our fish is well cared for and delivered, as fresh as possible, to our store fishmongers. So when you’re selecting a fish fillet for dinner, you know it’s been caught and prepared by our experts. 

Tops tips for buying and selecting seafood

To help you get the best of the selection, we've brought together a selection of tops tips for buying and selecting seafood.

Whole fresh fish

Tip #1 To make sure a whole fish is fresh, check their eyes are nice and clear, the gills are red and there’s no smell.

Tip #2 Never leave fish in a plastic bag in the fridge. Make sure the bag has been torn so it can breathe.

Tip #3 Always keep fish cold and never leave it in the car for too long. If you are travelling ask for the fish to be put on ice.

Tip #4 Remember to always look for:

  • Eyes - clear with black pupil, translucent cornea
  • Skin - bright with a luminous sheen
  • Gills - bright 'pastel rose' colour
  • Flesh - elastic texture, semi-transparent and firm for white fish, glossy or shiny for darker fish.

  • Frozen fish and shellfish

    Tip #1 When cooking mussels never eat the mussels that do not open.

    Tip #2 Avoid purchasing pre-frozen fish with signs of freezer burn. It is not dangerous or unsafe to eat, but it will not be best quality or have a fresh flavour when you cook it.

    Tip #3 Remember to always check:

  • The wrapping and seals on the pack are not damaged
  • The product is solidly frozen but without a lot of ice in the package
  • Shellfish are not damaged or broken
  • There is no 'fishy' smell

  • Live shellfish

    Tip #1 Only buy live shellfish with closed shells or that close quickly when tapped.

    Tip #2 Live Greenshell mussels usually gape a little when they're on display under spray. That's okay. Just tap the mussels and only buy the ones that close tightly.


    Crabs and rock lobsters

    Tip #1 If you're shopping for live crabs or rock lobsters choose energetic ones that flap vigorously when you pick them up.

    Tip #2 If you're shopping for cooked varieties:
    Rock lobsters' tails should be tucked firmly up against the underside of their bodies. When you straighten out the tail, it should snap back into place. Crabs' legs and claws should 'spring back' when you straighten them.

    Sustainable seafood

    New World’s fish is very fresh, because we use local fishermen, who fish in local waters and supply their catch to your local store throughout the week.

    For example, Auckland fisherman Brendan Taylor lives in Manurewa and fishes around Auckland and Thames/Coromandel. The flounder, mullet, kahawai and spotted dog fish he catches is sold in Auckland New World stores and can be on the shelves within 24 hours.

    Brendan uses small trailer boats and only goes out fishing for a few hours at a time before bringing it back for processing - which means his fish is always very fresh. “You’re getting the best quality freshest fish you can possibly get,” Brendan says. “You just can’t get that from a boat that’s going to go out for two or three days before it comes back. We’re back every day and we generally go to New World to unload twice a week, three times a week, so we’re giving the customer the best quality fish that they can possibly purchase. It’s locally caught fish by local fishermen to local people. It’s caught locally, it’s going to local stores.”