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Our in-store fishmongers make sure that what you're getting is only the best and freshest kaimoana | Fresh Food Peopleā„¢

At New World we work directly with local fishermen and women around the country to help us harvest our fishing quota in a sustainable way. These experts ensure our fish are well cared for and delivered as fresh as possible to our in-store fishmongers. So when you’re selecting a fish fillet for dinner, you know it’s been caught and prepared by our experts. 


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Sustainable seafood

New World’s fish is very fresh, because we use local fishermen, who fish in local waters and supply their catch to your local store throughout the week.

For example, Auckland fisherman Brendan Taylor lives in Manurewa and fishes around Auckland and Thames/Coromandel. The flounder, mullet, kahawai and spotted dog fish he catches is sold in Auckland New World stores and can be on the shelves within 24 hours.

Brendan uses small trailer boats and only goes out fishing for a few hours at a time before bringing it back for processing - which means his fish is always very fresh. “You’re getting the best quality freshest fish you can possibly get,” Brendan says. “You just can’t get that from a boat that’s going to go out for two or three days before it comes back. We’re back every day and we generally go to New World to unload twice a week, three times a week, so we’re giving the customer the best quality fish that they can possibly purchase. It’s locally caught fish by local fishermen to local people. It’s caught locally, it’s going to local stores.”