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Pair award-winning wheats & sours with our delicious recipes

We’ve got four beers in the Top 30 line-up that fall under the broad umbrella of sour or tart. Don’t assume these are mouth-puckeringly sour – think of them more as the ultimate food-friendly beers. History shows humans prefer sour and acidic notes in their drinks (just think wine and lemonade) and it’s a relatively new experience for many people to taste them in a beer, but the bottom line is that they can easily replace wine with a meal.

Start by trying Emporium’s Get To Da Choppa, which has sweet citrus and spice and a light delicate mouthfeel, making it the ideal fish’n’chip beer. With Garage Project’s White Mischief, the tart, salty, peachy flavours work perfectly alongside a smoked fish pie. Deep Creek Aloha – tart but with guava and passionfruit sweetness – is a lot like a white wine so think about the way it can cut through rich food like risotto or creamy pasta. And finally, 8 Wired Wild Feijoa – well this is like a wine, a feijoa wine! Richer foods to contrast the bright acidity are the go – anything from soft blue cheese, to pork belly to crème brûlée.