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Try award-winning sours with these delicious recipes

We’ve got three beers in our Top 30 line-up that fall under the broad umbrella of sour or tart. Don’t assume these are mouth-puckering sour – think of them more as the ultimate food-friendly beers. History shows humans prefer sour and acidic notes in their drinks (just think wine and lemonade) but it’s a relatively new experience for many people to taste them in a beer. Start by trying Three Boys Wheat which is more tart and lemony than outright sour. It is the perfect fish ‘n’ chips beer. Enjoy the lemon zest and coriander spice (as well as the spritzy carbonation) working perfectly with deep-fried goodness. With Garage Project’s Electric Acid Dry Hop Test, the hop notes will push through and complement the sour base, while Emporium’s Drop Cover Hold has sweet tropical fruit flavours to offset the sour. Both beers work with creamy dishes such as a carbonara or smoked fish pie.