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This week's specials

There’s always a way to save every day at New World.

Pams Frozen Chicken 1.5kg, Chicken Nuggets, Burgers, Tenders, Bites 1kg, Steaks 700g, Portions, Thighs, Drumsticks 2kg

Rolling Meadow Block Cheese 1kg, Tasty 800g

Heineken 330ml 12 Pack Bottles, Tui, DB Export Gold* 330ml 15 Pack Bottles

Yellow Flesh Nectarines

Whittaker's Artisan, Destination Collection 100g

Selaks Reserve Range 750ml

2 for

Paseo Toilet Tissue 12s, Long Roll 8s

Bluebird Original, Thick, Thinly Cut 140g, 150g, Burger Rings, Rashuns, Twisties, Cheezels 110g-120g

2 for
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Due to current Licensing Trust laws, liquor is not available at stores within Trust areas. Liquor may only be sold during licenced hours specified in the store licence. Available at participating stores only. Wine vintage may vary to one pictured.