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Five dinners for under $100

A weekly meal plan for winter that makes shopping and cooking easy and affordable. Zero food waste and nutritionally balanced.

It’s never been easier to feed the whānau!
This week two winter meal planner has five easy and tasty dinner recipes that can feed four people for under $100*. With ingredients that can easily be swapped to suit your tastes or what’s in season, a handy shopping list, and tips on using leftovers, there will be zero food waste at the end of the week. 

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Start the week with a flavourful Moroccan-inspired tagine, followed by a meat-free meatloaf, deliciously sticky soy beef,  vege and egg fajitas and round out your Friday night with some homemade fish ’n chips.

Tips for the week two meal plan

  • This week’s recipes can be cooked in any order you like. 
  • If following the cooking order, freeze the fish when you get home to make sure it stays fresh and place in the fridge on Thursday to begin defrosting.
  • Store any leftover dry couscous in an airtight container in a cool place.
  • Half leeks are used in many of the recipes this week, cut them crosswise and keep them loosely wrapped in a storage bag or sealed container in the fridge to retain moisture. 
  • To keep a whole bunch of celery fresher for longer, is to wrap the root end of the celery in a paper towel, place the whole celery in a ziplock bag and squeeze out the excess air. If you have chopped celery, place it in an airtight container lined with a paper towel.
  • The leaves of the celery are edible, use them like parsley. You can save the base of the celery when cutting it and regrow more celery from it. 
  • Revive any limp celery stalks by cutting in half and placing the cut side in a jar of water and leave for a few hours or overnight. 
  • There will be extra frozen corn kernels at the end of the week. Keep them in the freezer and use in other meals such as chowders, stir fries and fritters. 

Some ingredients will be used across more than one meal in a week. These ingredients are all marked with a * so you know not to use all of the ingredient in one meal.

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