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NZ Egg Supply. What’s Happening? 


You may notice when you shop for eggs right now - you may not be able to get the ones you usually buy, there’s shelf limits, or temporary out of stocks.   
Back in 2012, the New Zealand Government introduced legislation phasing out caged eggs by 2023. 

While caged eggs are being phased out, there’s a decrease in the overall supply of eggs in NZ.   
We’re sorry for any inconvenience this dip in egg supply may cause.  It’s a significant change for the egg supply industry

- and our teams are working closely with our suppliers to help manage the transition, so we can get egg supply in our

stores back up to normal levels as quickly as possible for our customers.  
We’re committed to working closely with government and New Zealand egg suppliers to meet our target to become fully cage-free by 2027.