The Starship Foundation

As a proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated business New World is committed to being a positive part of the communities in which we operate.

New World has been a Five Star Sponsor of the Starship Foundation since 2014. The Foundation is a social-profit organisation that raises funds so that Starship Children's Health, New Zealand's only national children's hospital, can better care for the nearly 120,000 visits each year from its young patients.

Through funds donated from New World and through the generosity of New World customers, we're able to make a real difference for many New Zealand families from around the country.



Here's how New World is Helping: 

• Bringing a love of food through the Startship National Feeding Clinic

A new initiative at Starship that is fully funded by New World, the Feeding Clinic brings together a team of psychologists, nutrition, and speech & language therapists to work together to assess children with feeding difficulties. The Feeding Clinic aims to help treat children who have severe allergies, food aversions or medical complications that affect nutrition – like tube-fed children from the ground breaking Tube Weaning pilot programme that New World helped Starship to launch in 2015, designed to help children eat and enjoy food on their own.


• A special Cooking School

Together with Marty the Backyard Cook, New World and Starship are running cooking classes across New Zealand for children with PKU – a disease that means the body cannot process protein.  To help these kids and their families with their very restrictive diet, we created a special set of recipes, taught in a fun cooking class for the children and their parents. The new recipes mean they have more (and tastier!) variety in their daily diet. 

"We personally got so much out of that cooking class & I came away all inspired about cooking & baking again. For what is 4 hours of time, this kind of cooking class will make many, many, many hours of difference to our lives! - Stacey, Starship Patient Mum" 


• More than 800 fruit baskets each year

Every week New World delivers crates of fresh fruit to the Starship Hospital parent kitchens, to help give family members access to free, healthy food options while they support their loved ones in hospital.


• Having fun with the Silver Ferns

Thanks to our sponsorship of the Silver Ferns, we've been able to bring extra smiles to Starship kids by giving them the opportunity to get up close and personal with New Zealand’s national netball team. In 2016 the Silver Ferns joined New World and some Starship kids to plant a special little Star Garden at the hospital. Together we planted it full of bright Little Petunia flowers that raised more than $50,000 for the Foundation through New World’s Little Garden promotion. Families at Starship still get to enjoy the garden to this day. It's a bright outdoor spot during the day and the star lights up as a guiding star to Starship at night.


• Major funding partner of the General Paediatric Ward

We’re so proud to have contributed to the refurbishment of Starship’s General Paediatrics Ward. We’re particularly excited to have funded the all new family lounge and kitchen facilities – they’re now bigger, brighter and more comfortable spaces that will mean those supporting their little loved ones at Starship are better supported in their time of need too.


• New life-saving equipment for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

In 2017 we supported Starship’s New born Intensive Care Unit, which admits more than 1000 babies each year from all over New Zealand who require specialist care. To ensure babies receive the very best care possible, we funded vital equipment  including a new wall-mounted infant warmer which provides light and warmth should a baby need resuscitation.  In addition, a new high tech ventilation monitor will allow continuous measurement of blood oxygen levels for babies who are not able to breathe on their own.



We’re brightening up more than just your garden

Thanks! By collecting the Little Starflower, New World customers have helped to raise $150,000 for the Starship Foundation.

Donations to the Starship Foundation through Little Garden will go towards Starship projects like the National Feeding Clinic that helps to treat kids with eating difficulties. Like three-year-old Luca (pictured) who has been unable to eat solid food until now. With the help of Starship and the Feeding Clinic funded by New World, Luca is learning to find a love of food.