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Five alternatives to coffee

Introducing a range of alternatives to coffee or tea; the turmeric latte, ginger tea, matcha latte, hot lemon tea and liquorice tea.

Turmeric latte

You can find turmeric in the herbs and spices section of your local New World, and we think a turmeric latte makes for a creamy dreamy mid-afternoon pick me up. Turmeric is popular in traditional medicine, contains antioxidants, and promotes healthy digestion and liver function. Top tip - add a little bit of nut butter and honey to make the drink thicker and creamier.


Ginger tea

Ginger Tea has a sweet zingy taste that will leave you feeling super refreshed. There are a number of health benefits too, which can take away the coffee guilts, as it supports healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, blood circulation and normal glucose levels. Pick up some ginger tea bags in-store or make your own with fresh ginger. 


Matcha latte

Matcha is simply powdered green tea leaves, meaning it’s an alternative containing with antioxidants, which supports your body’s metabolism and has a naturally detoxifying effect. You can find powdered matcha tea in the tea and coffee section of your local New World, or for a delicious home-made matcha tea latte.


Hot lemon water

We believe this is the best way to start your day, it’s cleansing and helps to get your digestion moving! Simply pop a squeeze of lemon into warm water and sip. For a touch of sweetness add some honey and ginger.


Liquorice tea

We admit liquorice tea is an acquired taste, but there are some great health benefits too. If you’re feeling a little blocked up liquorice tea can soothe you during constipation and inflammation. If you’ve never been a fan of liquorice, there are many delicious herbal and fruit teas in store, perhaps start with peppermint or chamomile.


The information provided on this website is not intended as a substitute for professional medical or diet advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding health and well-being.