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Indoor games

Looking for something to keep children entertained during school holidays? 

When you need to find something to entertain the kids when they aren’t at school, it’s handy to have some ideas of easy, fun indoor activities using things you have around the house.

And here are a few more ideas to help keep the kids occupied!
  1. Dress Ups 
    Easy-peasy and fun for big and small kids (adults too). Survey your wardrobe and pull out the special numbers you’ve reserved from the 70s and 80s (disco dresses, high school ball gowns and double denim ensembles) and enjoy the laughter as your child prances around in your gorgeous glad-rags. Really go to town and include non-precious jewellery, shoes, belts, scarves and bags. 
  2. Disco at Home
    Close the curtains, dig out the ABBA albums, turn the music up loud and all dance around the living room! 
  3. Book Bonding 
    Snuggle up on the couch and read a story is together. If interest starts to wane, change to storytelling and take turns to make up the tale. 
  4. Volleyball or Tennis 
    Substitute the tennis or volleyball for a balloon. Use hands instead of tennis racquets. If space allows, mark out a field or court with string or rope. 
  5. A Private Picnic 
    Throw a picnic blanket on the floor and pull out the plastic plates and cups for an indoor picnic. 
  6. Movie Marathon 
    Shuffle around the furniture, pop popcorn, turn off the lights, push play on the DVD and settle in together, pretending you’re at the movies. 
  7. King of the Castle 
    Building castles, forts, tunnels and hideouts is great for encouraging imagination. Using blankets, sheets, duvets, sleeping bags and chairs for support, let your little builder get to work on building their castle. If you can stand the inconvenience of having your chairs being ‘occupied’ allow your child to sleep in the castle overnight. 
  8. Board Games and Jigsaws 
    There are heaps of age appropriate board games and card games available – don’t always rely on apps or computer games. Playing a game or doing a jigsaw together may seem outdated but it’s wonderful time spent together. 
  9. Hide and Seek 
    An oldie but a goodie, take turns to be the hider and the seeker. Be amazed at just how small a space you can still fit into! 
  10. Kids in the Kitchen 
    Kids love the opportunity to help in the kitchen so take the opportunity of being indoors to have a baking blitz. For age appropriate ideas, see our article “kids in the kitchen”. 
  11. Formula One 
    Using books of equal thickness, lay them side-by-side or end-to-end across the carpet or floor to make a smooth ‘racing track’ for matchbox cars or other toys. 
  12. Hair Therapy 
    Set up shop with a ‘hair salon’. Assemble all available hairbrushes, hair ties, scrunchies, ribbons and clips and entertain your child with zany hair do’s – both yours and theirs! 


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