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North End Bones of the Land Saison




Wheat, Saison and Sour

Brewed In


What to expect:

Hay, bread, lemon zest and pepper

Judges Comments:

A debut Top 30 for Belgian-style specialists North End from Waikanae and what a beer to do it with! Saison, also known as farmhouse ale, has a rich history in Belgium where it was brewed at the end of the harvest season for the following summer — to slake the thirst of, and sometimes pay, the workers. This stunning tribute to the classic Saison Dupont melds a distinctive yeast and some earthy hops to create an ensemble of flavours that include hay, bread, lemon zest and pepper. In keeping with the stunning artwork on the can (warning you will get wet fingers on opening), this beer is earthy, rustic and real.

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Pairing Recommendation:

A down to earth, savoury style beer that wants to simple food such as fish and chips or a big doorstopper toasted sandwich.

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Crackled pork with herby potatoes

The spritzy tart saison cuts through the richness of the roast pork - the perfectly rustic accompaniment.

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