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Try award-winning pilsners with these tasty recipes

The three pilsners in our Top 30 are all delicate, crisp and bright. They’re elegant beers but with enough flavour to make them feel robust. Take the time to pick up the subtle floral, spice and citrus notes from the hops and savour the bready character of the malt.

Pilsner has a dry, cleansing finish which makes it a great pre-dinner palate-cleanser while snacking on cheese, cured meats, flatbreads, olives and dips. It’s also a great picnic beer alongside sandwiches, crisps and sticks of celery with hummus. It even works well with a bit of apple. As a dinner option, try it with milder Asian cuisine such as Vietnamese, Japanese or Korean-style barbeque. Basically, you don’t want to overwhelm the more delicate pilsner flavours – you still want to be able to taste the beer, after all.