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Best New Zealand hazy ales for 2024

For the third year running, hazy ales are enjoying their own spotlight in the New World Beer & Cider Awards

As the name implies, these beers have a hazy or cloudy appearance, hinting at the fullness of flavour they deliver. Beloved for their maximum fruity and citrus character, they are perfect for the hottest summer day or an autumnal evening.

Out of our Top 30 for 2024, five hazy ales made the cut.

Keep scrolling to discover the best of the best New Zealand-made hazy ales for 2024 plus our favourite food pairings for each beer.


Beer Baroness Slice Of Heaven

Type of beer: Hazy & juicy

Brewery: Beer Baroness

Flavours: Pineapple, passionfruit, juicy

Judges’ comments: Paying homage to a Dave Dobbyn-penned classic, this pitch-perfect beer offers a medley of heavenly hop hits in the form of Nectaron and Nelson Sauvin, two stand-out Kiwi hops that sing with tropical punchbowl flavours. The pineapple-passionfruit aroma is followed by mango, pineapple and white wine on the palate. The flavour changes as the beer gently warms up in the glass, so it’s worth taking your time to explore and savour those flavours It has a spritzy carbonation and a dry finish that brings you back for another sip. For a hazy, there’s a nice level of bitterness as well.  “Hits the style markers well,” said the judges, “juicy, rich and balanced.”

Pairing Recommendation: Sweet juiciness offsets Malaysian-style Mee Goreng noodles.

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Brew Moon Waipara New England IPA

Type of beer: Hazy & juicy

Brewery: Brew Moon Brewing Company

Flavours: Mandarin and tropical juice

Judges’ comments: Brew Moon are one of Aotearoa’s most established craft breweries with a history dating back over 20 years. Based in the North Canterbury town of Amberley, they’ve been a family-run business since the start. They’re well known for their flagship Hop Head IPA but this is their first time in the New World Beer & Cider Awards Top 30, and it’s a well-deserved appearance with an amazing hazy IPA named for the local wine region. “Bold tropical notes with grapefruit and mandarin peel. Hop aroma carries through into the palate. Medium malt sweetness, low and smooth bitterness. Balance en pointe for a juicy impression. Clean, supportive fruity esters integrate with hop profile. Great hop intensity. Excellent beer!”

Pairing Recommendation: A great beer for a southern-style BBQ: beef brisket or pulled pork.

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Hallertau Summer Time Haze

Type of beer: Hazy & juicy 

Brewery:  Hallertau Brewery

Flavours: Sweet orange and mandarin

Judges’ comments: Hallertau, located in the rapidly growing north-west Auckland suburb of Riverhead, stands as one of the trailblazers of the hoppy beer revolution in Aotearoa during the early 2000’s. Alongside Epic, they were pioneers of American-style hop-driven IPAs, and with Summer Time, they exemplify years of expertise with hops. The balance in this brew is as exquisite as its appearance, with a finish that is subtly sweet yet refreshingly clean. The taste profile boasts notes of sweet orange and mandarin that linger until the very last sip. Judges were impressed by how the delightful citrus aromas seamlessly transitioned into the flavor. "This hazy beer is a sight to behold. It exudes a delightful juicy hop aroma and a pronounced orange flavor. A stellar representation of this beer style."

Pairing Recommendation: Sweet orange suits Moroccan lamb shoulder with couscous, dates, goats cheese.

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Mount Brewing Co Crazy Hazy Daze

Type of beer: Hazy & juicy

Brewery: Mount Brewing Co.

Flavours: Sweet, ripe pineapple

Judges’ comments: Mount Maunganui's local heroes have solidified their place in the Top 30, thanks to their exceptional ciders and flavorful beers. Their success has firmly established them as key players in the Aotearoa’s craft beer industry. Crazy Hazy Daze is a testament to the brew team's expertise, showcasing a beautifully complex beer that expertly conceals its high ABV. Judges couldn't stop praising this beer, from its stunning appearance to its luxurious texture and well-rounded mouthfeel. The tropical fruit flavors are described as mouth-watering, with hints of pineapple, sugary buns, and savory herbal notes seamlessly woven into the brew.

Pairing Recommendation: Big beer and rich texture goes well with the spicy Thai salad such as Larb Gai.

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Michael Donaldson is one of New Zealand’s most renowned beer writers and was named Beer Writer of the Year by the Brewers Guild of New Zealand for a third time in 2018. He has been the Chair of Judges for the New World Beer & Cider Awards since 2016.

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