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Halloween Party Games

Throwing a Halloween party this year? Here are some easy games to pull together for your guests!


Knock Down the Ghost


knock down the ghost

This game is super simple to set up. You need 15 white cups, a soft ball and either a black permanent marker or some glue and googly eyes.
Start by making each cup look like a ghost by adding eyes to it by either black pen or googly eyes!
Then, find a flat surface you can stack the cups onto. You are going to make a pyramid with them – put five cups on the bottom row, stack four on the next row up and so on.
Next take turns throwing the ball at the “ghosts” and try to knock them all down! Winner is whoever knocks them down the fastest.


Pumpkin Painting


pumpkin painting

This isn’t quite a game but when there is either pumpkin carving or painting pumpkins, it’s always a big hit at Halloween parties!
We recommend covering the table with a disposable tablecloth and maybe have some aprons on hand for the kids (or adults) that might get a little messy!
Put several different paints in the center of the table, along with some paint brushes and cups of water. The kids will be creating pumpkin masterpieces in no time.
You can also add glitter, sparkles - anything that will make your pumpkin best in show!


Apple on a String


apple on a string

This is one of the more tasty Halloween games. The aim is to be the first person to eat all of your apple or donuts without using your hands. Prizes can be given not only to the person who finishes first but who also manages to get the first bite! 

Attach strings to the stalks of the apples and hang them off a washing line, or tie them to a broomstick and suspend above the players. If you can't find apples with stalks attached then you can use an alternative such as donuts – which are a good option for younger players (or those with a sweet tooth!).


Witch Hat Ring Toss


Witch Hat Ring Toss

Witch hats can be made easily out of black card, for this fun Halloween game which you can play multiple ways.
The first version is using just one witch hat. The witch had needs to be fairly stiff, with the tip of the hat pointing up. You can set the witch hat on the ground and everyone can take a ring (or it could be the best out of multiple rings such as the best of 3).

Each person takes a try to get their ring onto the witch hat.

The other variation of this game is several witch hats arranged fairly close together. Same deal, each person takes turns trying to throw rings onto the witch hats. If the group of kids are a little older, then you could have different points depending on which hat is hit.