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Halloween games for kids

Entertain the kids with these fun and easy Halloween activities you can do at home. 

Knock Down the Ghost


knock down the ghost

  • You need 15 white paper cups, a ping-pong ball and either a black permanent marker or some glue, and googly eyes.
  • Start by making each cup look like a ghost by adding eyes to it by either black pen or googly eyes!
  • Then, find a flat surface you can stack the cups onto. You are going to make a pyramid with them – put five cups on the bottom row, stack four on the next row up and so on.
  • Next take turns throwing the ball at the “ghosts” and try to knock them all down! Winner is whoever knocks them down the fastest.

Haunted blanket fort

Blanket fort

If you're staying home, here's a fun way to create a spooky atmosphere, perfect for watching your favourite Halloween movie, eating some Halloween snacks or telling scary stories.

You’ll need a blanket and a couple of chairs to hold it up.

Get creative with Halloween decorations. Put up some cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns. You might want to make a 'Beware' or 'Keep out' sign too, or 'Trick or Treaters welcome!' 

Decorate the entrance with some paper ghosts, cut out bats and spiders or painted pumpkins.

Grab some pillows, more blankets and get cosy! 

Pumpkin Decorating


pumpkin painting

This isn’t quite a game but when there is either pumpkin carving or painting pumpkins, it’s always a big hit at Halloween! The challenge is to create your very own spooky Halloween pumpkin. Whether a ghost or their favourite superhero, the kids will be creating their masterpieces in no time. 

  • Cover a table with a disposable tablecloth and maybe have some aprons on hand - this might get a little messy!
  • Put several different paints in the center of the table, along with some paint brushes and cups of water. 
  • You can also add glitter, buttons, sparkles - anything that will make your pumpkin best in show!

No pumpkins? You can also use balloons, paper plates, or even reusable or paper shopping bags, . 

Apple on a String


apple on a string

This is one of the more tasty Halloween games! 

  • Attach strings to the stalks of the apples and hang them off a washing line, or tie them to a broomstick and suspend above the players.
  • The aim is to be the first person to eat all of your apple or donuts without using your hands. 
  • Prizes can be given not only to the person who finishes first but who also manages to get the first bite! 

If you want to go with a sweet treat instead, donuts are ideal!


Witch Hat Ring Toss


Witch Hat Ring Toss

Witch hats can be made easily out of black card (needs to be reasonably thick to stand up) and cellotape. To make the rings, cut the centre out of paper plates. 

  • The witch had needs to be fairly stiff, with the tip of the hat pointing up.
  • Set the witch hat on the ground and everyone takes a ring. 
  • Take turns throwing it, and award a point for every ring that lands over the hat.