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Praline chocolate truffle cake

Serves 20
Prep time: 40 mins + refrigeration
Cooking time: 15 mins

"Rich, decadent and delicious. Perfect for a dinner party as it will serve lots of people. Decorate it to be as extravagant as you wish, add your favourite liqueur, perfect for a birthday cake too. Recipe doesn't have to be followed perfectly either!! yay!"



  • 75 g blanched almonds
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 250g Amaretti biscuits
  • 1lb lots of dark chocolate
  • 1 pint big bottle double cream
  • 5 Tbsp glucose syrup
  • Liqueur if you wish ( brandy/rum/tia maria etc)
  • 50g cocoa
  • Strawberries/raspberries
  • Truffles or chocolate shapes
View the method
  1. Line a 10" spring loaded cake tin.
  2. Crush ammaretti biscuits, place on base of tin.
  3. Heat sugar in frying pan, add almonds.
  4. Coat and cook till browned.
  5. Remove from heat, crush and set to side.
  6. Melt chocolate, glucose syrup and maybe add liqueur, mix. Leave to cool.
  7. Whip cream till thick but floppy.
  8. Fold in to chocolate mixture.
  9. Add praline mix lightly.
  10. Pour on to base.
  11. Leave to set in fridge for 4 hours or even overnight.
  12. Loosen edges turn out on to plate.
  13. Decorate with cocoa powder, truffles, strawberries or chocolate curls.
  14. A simple effective decor is latticed cocoa using templates.
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