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Passionfruit and white chocolate cheesecake

Serves   10
Prep time: 35 mins
Cooking time: 5 mins

"My Daughter and my Dad love white chocolate and our whole family loves passion fruit and cheesecake. I adapted a favourite handed down recipe to incorporate white chocolate and passion fruit for my Daughter's birthday. It went down a treat that day and has done every time since."

  • Cheesecake
  • Desserts
  • Chocolate



  • 2 packets of your favourite white chocolate cream filling biscuits
  • 2x 250gm blocks of cream cheese
  • 3 tsp vanilla essence
  • 300ml full cream, whipped
  • ½ cup passion fruit pulp syrup (strained to exclude seeds)
  • ¼ cup passion fruit pulp syrup (including seeds)
  • 1/3 cup castor sugar
  • 1 packet of lemon jelly
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 180gms white chocolate, melted
  1. Put the two packets of biscuits in the food processor and blitz to fine crumbs. Tip crumbs into a 24cm spring form baking tin, spread evenly over the base and press down. Use something cold with a flat bottom to press down to prevent the heat from your hands melting the chocolate in the biscuit mix, for example a ramekin. Chill while you prepare the next stage.
  2. Tip the packet of jelly crystals into a 1 cup measure and fill up to 1 cup (including jelly) with hot tap water. Stir until no crystals remain. Add the tablespoon of lemon juice.
  3. Chop the 2 blocks of cream cheese into smaller cubes and put into the (cleaned) food processor with three teaspoons of vanilla essence, castor sugar and the ½ cup of strained passion fruit syrup. Blitz until combined. With the processor running add the jelly and lemon mix. Scrape the sides of the processor bowl down, add the melted chocolate and blitz again until smooth. Add the whipped cream, blitz, scrape sides, give it another quick blitz and pour into the springform tin.
  4. Chill for at least 6 hours. Before serving/ when set, tip the remaining ¼ cup of passion fruit syrup over cheesecake.
  5. You could make this in advance because like most cheesecakes, it is even better the next day!