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Five dinners for under $100

Made to save you time and money, we've partnered with Love Food Hate Waste to create four summer meal plans.

This week 1 meal planner has five easy and tasty dinner recipes to feed four people for under $100, plus a shopping list for the week. 
The meal planners are designed to be zero food waste, so all the ingredients you buy should be used by the end of the week. Plus we've included tips for how to store and use up leftovers. They’re created using summer produce but can be made at any time of the year with seasonal substitutions.
Download and print handy PDFs and browse this weeks recipes below. 

Printable PDFs

Week 1 meal planner

Week one features flavourful chicken couscous, easy-peasy corn fitters, Chinese-style beef stir-fry, a deliciously healthy poké bowl and takeaway style souvlaki. Download and print the planner and shopping list here. 
Tips for this meal plan
  • Cook the poké and souvlaki in order, so the seasonal salad leaves are used up over the two days. Other than that, you can cook the meals in any order you like. 
  • You can use salad ingredients you already have at home instead of buying a bag of seasonal salad leaves.
  • To stop your salad leaves going soggy, open the bag when you get home and pop a piece of paper towel on each side of the bag, then fold it closed. This will absorb excess moisture and keep the leaves fresh.  
  • Skinless chicken breast can be substituted with skinless thigh fillets if preferred.
  • Instead of fresh corn cob kernels you can use frozen corn kernels and defrost when needed.  
  • Eggs are listed as a staple ingredient – you’ll need three for the summer fritters
About the Love Food Hate Waste weekly meal plans

Seasonal ingredients

The recipes in this meal planner are designed for summer as they use seasonal produce, but can be made at any time of the year with seasonal substitutions. 

Zero food waste

The meals are designed to be zero food waste. All the shopping list ingredients you buy should be used by the end of the week. For some meals you may have leftovers and the recipe will tell you whether they’re suitable for freezing or are best eaten the next day.

Ready-to-go shopping list

The shopping list tells you the ingredients to buy for the week. The pantry staples lists other ingredients you will need but are likely to have in your fridge or pantry already. Before going shopping check you have the staple ingredients and check your fridge, freezer and pantry as you may already have some of the ingredients on the list. If there is an ingredient you or your family doesn’t like, swap it with one you’ll all enjoy and avoid waste. 

These meals are budgeted to cost under $100 (not including the staple items), and any substitutions or alterations may affect the overall cost. Some ingredients will be used across more than one meal in a week. These ingredients are all marked with a * so you know not to use all of the ingredient in one meal. 

Protein balance based on nutrition guidelines recommendations

These recipes are based on current nutritional guidelines. Varying the type of protein in your evening meals can help you get a good balance of nutrients. A good guide is to aim to have fish once or twice a week, chicken with the skin removed once or twice a week, lean red meat twice a week, one egg-based meal, and one vegetarian meal. The ‘adapt it’ tips show you how to change up the recipe to enhance the nutritional content.

More ways to save

Get more from your grocery shop with our simple tips.

  • Buy supermarket brands like Pams and Value
  • Stock up on specials of items you use a lot. Buy meat on special and freeze it if you have space.
  • Make substitutions – if a suitable product or cut of meat is on special, substitute it for the one in your recipe. Look at the New World weekly mailer while writing your shopping list!