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Five family dinners for under $100

Made to save you time and money, we've partnered with Love Food Hate Waste to create weekly meal planners - each has 5 recipes and your weekly shopping list. 

This weeks meal planner has five easy and tasty dinner recipes plus a shopping list for the week that will feed four people for under $100 (excluding the staple items).
The meal planners are made to be zero waste – so all the ingredients you buy should be used by the end of the week, and we've also include tips for how to store and use up leftovers. They are created using spring produce but can be made at any time of the year with seasonal substitutions.
We've created recipe cards and shopping lists that you can download below.

Printable PDFs

Week 2 meal planner

Week two features a simple traybake chicken dish, salmon and leek filo parcels, a crispy noodle beef salad, chicken filo pie and mee goreng noodles. Download and print the week two planner and shopping list here.

Tips for week 2

• We recommend cooking the herby chicken tray bake before the chicken filo pie so the leftovers from the tray bake can be added into the pie. Other than that, you can cook the meals in any order you like.

• Shopping list ingredients you will be sharing between meals this week are: chicken stock cubes, carrots, frozen peas, filo pastry, onions, mushrooms, lemons.

• White sauce is used in both chicken recipes – the full amount you need to make for both meals is in the tray bake recipe. Use the sauce that you need for the tray bake and keep the leftovers in the fridge to mix into the filo pie filling.

• Chicken stock cubes are one of the shopping list ingredients used in a few recipes this week, but you can also use your favourite spice mix or seasoning instead.