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Compost is made up of layers of green material (high in nitrogen) and brown material (high in carbon). Green materials are lawn clippings, manure, fruit and vege scraps, coffee grounds, seaweed and green plant material. Brown materials are wood ash, paper, cardboard, sawdust, dry leaves, straw hay, and woody plant material. 

If you don’t have room for a compost heap or are worried about the smell try trenching: Just dig a trench approximately 30cm in your vege patch, pile in your fruit and vege scraps, fill it with soil again and plant in the top.

Living in an apartment? Try a Bokashi composting system: it ferments kitchen waste, including meat and dairy, and turns it into a safe soil builder and nutrient-rich tea for your plants. And it fits under the sink. 



What's in?

Fruit and veg scraps, egg shells, bread, coffee grounds, garden trimmings, uncoated paper and cardboard.


What's not?

Don't add meat, bones, fish, poultry, dairy, fats and oils, weeds, seed-heads, bulbs, cat and dog waste or treated wood.