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Finding meaningful work at New World

New World teamed up with Stuff to produce a four-part employee series spotlighting the breadth and depth of career opportunities at Foodstuffs. Meet Jayde Cunliffe, store manager of New World Browns Bay below, and read how she rose to the occasion time and time again to find herself on the path to store ownership.  

If there's one thing bakers know, it's that the right ingredients and the right conditions can work together to create something magical.

Both Jayde Cunliffe started her career as a baking apprentice, and from those early mornings working with flour, water and yeast, have grown into careers with Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island. Cunliffe started working on the checkout at New World Browns Bay after school while just 14, then began a baking apprenticeship, before moving onto managing several departments. She now manages the entire store, but she's been an approved Four Square owner operator since June and is now patiently waiting for her first ownership opportunity to pop up.  

"There's a stereotype that comes with working in a supermarket," she says, adding people think it's limited to checkout and stocking shelves. "But it is a really cool and complex industry. I was given so many opportunities.”

"I went on every single course Foodstuffs North Island offered me. Now I tell my staff if they want to be a manager, there's every chance they will be. They just have to put their mind to it and work for it."
Read Jayde’s full story here: