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The frictionless future of supermarket shopping is here – introducing New World Zoom Trolleys



New World will be the first supermarket in the country to offer customers a frictionless and integrated digital experience in stores.

Introducing Zoom Trolleys – a trolley with a built-in tablet enabling customers to shop more efficiently and manage budget with ease. The trolleys will save customers time at checkout, check their spending as they shop, easily search for specific products and find great everyday value in store, and integrate with existing shopping lists. Zoom trolleys are great for budgeting, product search, shopping lists, product sorting, recipes, and special offers.

How do Zoom Trolleys work?
  • Customer registers for Zoom online, which you can access via the New World App.
  • Customer enters store, selects Zoom on their New World App and ‘pairs’ their phone with the Zoom Trolley.
  • Customer uses fixed scanner on the Zoom Trolley to scan product as they put it into their reusable bag in trolley. For produce or bulk items, customer uses barcode-producing scales to weigh and scan.
  • Customer heads to normal checkout lane when they’re ready and uses their New World App to transfer their Zoom Trolley shop to the point-of-sale system. Customer pays without needing to unload and reload their trolley! 
  • Customer walks to car, unloads groceries and returns the trolley. Done. 


  • Customers can expect to see Zoom Trolleys roll out on a trial basis in early 2020.