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2021 see’s New World Blenheim’s store-wide refurb now complete


Blenheim residents are in for a treat this summer with the completion of New World Blenheim’s store-wide refurbishment. 

Over the past 14 months, the store has transformed to expand what’s on offer in a slick, new modern retail environment.  

New World Blenheim owner operator Melanie Shore says, “We’re excited to share with New Zealanders what’s new in-store at New World Blenheim this summer. Throughout the renovation process, we’ve focused on how we can bring to life our fresh, new, and modern retail offering in a more environmentally friendly way.” 

One of their new features includes an eco-store refillery station. Customers can now bring used eco-store bottles and refill them with personal and laundry detergents, providing a more sustainable alternative to purchasing a new bottle each time. 

They have also implemented a ‘Food in the Nude’ produce offering; a plastic-free, fresh fruit and vege selection, where produce remains unwrapped from the farm to store shelves. The produce retains its lovely colour and texture through a misting system, keeping it fresh without the need for plastic packaging.  

Other exciting new features include a hydration station where customers can fill up their water bottles, a revamped beer and wine aisle with a specialised wine tasting machine, a new café and salad bar offering, as well as new butchery and seafood departments, bakery, and deli departments, a new entrance, wider aisles and a freezer which has doubled in size.  

After months of in-store disruptions, we’re thrilled to be able to share with customers our exciting new and improved store. During our renovation, the Blenheim community were super patient, particularly when we were knee-deep in renovations during the March lockdown”, says Shore. 

Having serviced the Blenheim community since 2013, this is the first major renovation that Melanie and Ashley Shore have undertaken. “We’re looking forward to seeing how we can further cater to the needs of our community and are excited to serve New Zealanders from around the country as they check out what’s new in-store this summer,” finishes Shore.