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23rd October 2020

New World Papakura “Zooming” forward with next evolution of omnichannel shopping experience

New World Papakura are set to revolutionise supermarket technology with the trial of Zoom Trolleys in-store. Frictionless and new technologies are forever changing within the FMCG industry and Zoom Trolleys have been introduced to further enhance customers’ shopping experience. 

With the trial set to begin on Monday 19 October, New World Papakura customers will have until the end of November to test out the new technology for themselves. 

Simon Kennedy Chief Digital Officer at Foodstuffs North Island says, “We’ve taken customer feedback from our first iteration of the trolleys, which we trialled at New World Pukekohe last year, and applied these learnings to what customers will now see on trial at New World Papakura. The beauty about trials is that we were able to gather customer feedback in real time and further adapt the technology to better suit customers’ shopping needs. Gathering more feedback and refining the Zoom Trolley offer will be an integral part of this new trial. We’re looking forward to offering customers a more seamless, integrated shopping experience.”

A key learning from the first trial is that customers liked the hands-free, large screen experience with Zoom, but also wanted the option of taking the trolley back to their car to pack their groceries. This led the team to the drawing board again to re-design the trolleys with a removable device so customers can retrieve the tablet at customer service upon arrival and drop it back off at customer service upon exit. Zoom Trolleys enable customers to walk around the store hands-free; there’s no looking back and forth at your phone or carrying it one hand for the duration of the shop. 

The Zoom Trolleys will also come with a built-in scanner which is a convenient tool to help customers shop, as it helps track savings and spend in real time. It’s a handy budgeting tool and provides a hygienic way to limit fresh handling by allowing customers to weigh, scan and pack their own produce minimising any double handling. It also saves time at the checkout as customers have already scanned and packed their own groceries - they simply need to zoom through the dedicated checkout and be on their way. 

New World Papakura owner operator Peter Lynch says “We’re excited to offer Zoom Trolleys to customers and look forward to receiving their feedback on them. It’s a great solution for customers who want to keep track of their budget while they shop in store.”

How it works:

Step 1) Register for New World Clubcard, download and login to the New World App to use Zoom Trolleys.
Step 2) Enter store, collect the device, and insert it into the special Zoom Trolley.
Step 3) Scan the QR code using the New World App and start shopping!
Step 4) Head to a designated or normal checkout lane when ready and use the New World App to transfer the Zoom Trolley shop to the point-of-sale system. 

Zoom Trolley features will include:

Savings and promo messages as you shop.
Budgeting - track your spend as you shop.
Shopping List - add products or ingredients to your Online Shopping list for use on Zoom Trolley if you wish.
Product sorting - automatically sorts shopping lists into alphabetical order and ticks them off as you add them to the trolley using Zoom Trolley.