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2 November 2020

Discover your inner chef with New World’s launch of the premium SMEG Knives Giveaway for Christmas

It’s time to bring out, or refine, your inner chef skills and nail this Christmas, New Zealand! Introducing the SMEG Knives giveaway exclusively at New World.

Starting 2 November at New World stores nationwide, customers can start collecting stickers as part of the premium SMEG Knives reward programme to help them chop, dice and filet their way to a well-deserved Christmas and Summer.

The SMEG Knives giveaway is made up of six quality, German steel blade knives with ergonomic handles, able to withstand your toughest recipes in the kitchen. The SMEG knives aren’t available for purchase anywhere in New Zealand; you can only redeem the stickers you have collected at your local New World for a SMEG knife. There are also more opportunities to collect stickers even faster with heaps of new bonus products each week, enabling customers to collect two stickers for each bonus product purchased. 

For every $20 spent on qualifying products in store or online (where available), customers will earn one sticker. Customers need to collect a certain number of stickers, depending on their preferred SMEG knife, which can then be redeemed for one of six SMEG Knives from 2 November-24 January, or while stocks last. There are six knives to collect in total. Plus, with a part-pay option available, customers can more quickly and easily get their hands on their favourite SMEG knives. There is also an opportunity for customers to put their stickers toward a SMEG knife block which is available in cream or black. 

Banana bread was just the beginning in helping New Zealanders discover their inner chef and upskill in the kitchen this year,” says Pippa Prain, Head of Marketing and CX for New World. “Since cooking has now become a focal point and family activity for many households, we wanted to reward customers with premium SMEG knives to help them nail this Christmas and do it all with style and ease.The global trend of more cooking and baking at home is a habit that’s sure to stick for years to come. We know that every great chef needs to have fresh, quality ingredients and trusted tools to match to bring their kitchen masterpieces to life. We think our customers will be delighted to collect stickers and redeem them for quality SMEG knives, just by doing their Christmas shop.

Noriel Defante, Seafood Manager at New World Halswell, likes the versatility and straight blade edge of the Santoku knife. “The straight blade edge on Santoku knives make it ideal for cutting meat and fish, cutting your veggies into cubes and finely chopping herbs,” says Defante. “I like to use a Santoku knife on fish when I'm making homemade ceviche at home. Grab some trevally, snapper or yellowfin tuna, chop it up into big chunks, throw in some finely chopped coriander and capsicum, lime, salt and enough heat to your liking, and your summer entertaining entrée is sorted.” 

Luka Young, Butchery Manager at New World Eastridge knows his way around a meat knife and leg of lamb: Luka is a member of the 2020 Hellers Sharp Blacks Team, a team made up of the best butchers from around the country who represent New Zealand on a global stage every two years at the World Butchers’ Challenge.

The most important thing to remember with carving meat – raw or cooked – is to cut across the grain as this will increase the tenderness of your meat,” says Young. “You don't have to be an expert butcher to cook, slice and serve the perfect meat around the Christmas table or barbie this summer; all you need is a light touch on a sharp knife. Don’t forget to collect the juices when you’re cutting the meat and pour them back over the meat!” 

So, from our kitchen to yours, enjoy a cracker Christmas New Zealand.