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New World’s SMEG Knife promotion in its penultimate week

New World customers nationwide have redeemed hundreds and thousands of SMEG Knives since the promotion began on 2 November, making it one of the most successful promotional giveaways in the brand’s history. Customers have pimped their pavs and carved their Christmas and barbie meats in style and with ease using their SMEG Knives for the past eleven weeks. When the promotion ends on 24 January, data suggests as many as 1 in 5 New Zealanders will have SMEG kitchenware redeemed from New World in their homes. 

Like most retailer promotional giveaways, the SMEG promotion has been while stocks last, and unsurprisingly with the promotion entering its final week, there is now a limited supply of knives left.  

We have been blown away by New Zealanders’ response to New World's SMEG promotion,” says Pippa Prain, Head of Marketing and CX, New World. “The knives have carved out pride of place in kitchens nationwide with customers loving how sharp, stylish and practical the knives are, and how seamless and fun the cooking process can be when you have the right tools to use. Customers have less than two weeks until the promotion ends on 24 January to head in store, redeem their stickers and get their hands on a knife that the entire country has been talking about over the last two months.”

The more popular styles of knives, such as the Chef and Santoku Knives, might be temporarily out of stock at some stores. But the good news is that we are waiting on one additional shipment of knives, which includes heaps of Chef and Santoku Knives, to make its way through the ports. There are still four other styles of knives for customers to redeem if the knife style they want is temporarily out of stock.

Customers can wait to redeem their stickers for their preferred style of knife once it arrives back in their local store, however we cannot guarantee everyone will have success due to the promotion ending in less than two weeks and the sheer popularity of it. Our best advice is to head in store sooner rather than later to redeem, and to please check in with your local store or visit your store’s Facebook or Instagram for the latest up-to-date information on their stock availability.

Current knife block supply is extremely limited and will vary store by store, with the majority of stores already sold out of their knife block supply. The SMEG knife blocks were manufactured in a limited run overseas, and we’ve brought in five times as many knife blocks as originally planned to meet the overwhelming demand for them - and this is in addition to New World snapping up every knife block the manufacturer could produce.

If you haven’t snagged a knife block yet, customers are encouraged to check with their local store asap to avoid disappointment. Of course, your knives will work just fine without a matching knife block - try a magnetic strip so you can still show off your knives on the countertop!