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Upgrading and upcycling New World Albany’s shopping trolleys


New World Albany customers will experience something new on their next shop, and it’s not a COVID-19 related protective measure. Customers will now be able to add a bit more sustainability to their weekly shop thanks to the store’s new fleet of hybrid shopping trolleys. The trolleys comprise a steel frame that is married to a plastic basket made using recycled plastic milk bottles.

By using half the amount steel compared to standard trolleys, Supercart, the Australian manufacturers claim the new hybrid trolleys have half the carbon footprint associated with their production and are 30% lighter, also making them easier to push for customers and staff. 

New World Albany’s new trolley fleet has two sizes – mid-size and large. The mid-size trolleys are made using 66 recycled milk bottles, while the large ones are made using 154 bottles. The new trolleys are manufactured across the ditch in Melbourne meaning they also have less distance to be transported to their point of use which is also good news for the environment.

Conscious consumers are looking for every opportunity to live and act sustainably,” says Jamie Eden, New World Albany store owner. “The recycled trolleys enable us to reduce our carbon footprint that much more and do our bit to help lead in sustainability in our community. We are proud to be able to offer customers an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional supermarket trolley.”
The durable, rust-proof trolleys also have lower maintenance costs and freight emissions.

The trolleys are a great example of how we are looking to utilise recycled material throughout the store and business and support more sustainable suppliers, closer to our own shores.” says Mike Sammons, Head of Sustainability, Foodstuffs New Zealand. “When a product is upcycled, it is transformed into a product with higher value than what it had before. In this case, we’ve purchased a product that has taken recycled milk bottles and upcycled them into a fleet of shopping trolleys. New World strives to be a leader in sustainability and we’re proud to offer New World Albany customers a more sustainable trolley option."