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New World Own Brands

Our principal private label brand.


Pams first graced our grocery shelves in 1937, supplying baking and custard powder. Today the range has swelled to nearly 2,500 everyday products. Each and every product in the Pams range is carefully selected, ensuring you buy the very best products at the best prices. Pams don’t stop at providing affordable, quality products – they’re constantly working to find the latest trends and innovations for you to enjoy at a fair price. They also offer our customers healthier options at an affordable price, with sub-brands such as Pams Superfoods, Pams Gluten Free, Pams Organic and Pams Free Range.

Enjoy the finer things in life, any time you like.

Pams Finest

Each and every product in the Pams Finest range is carefully selected, so it only contains the finest natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours and colours. You’ll find exotic combinations and fresh takes on old favourites with new surprises for the entire family. Pams Finest means when you’re looking for something a little more special, you don’t have to pay through the roof for it.

Quality products at affordable prices.


With Value you can pick up all your favourite weekly staples like bread, milk, eggs and chocolate chip cookies at everyday low prices, without compromising on quality. You can easily find Value on our shelves at New World, just look for the famous blue and white packaging.