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6182 Behemoth Be Hoppy 3 Hazy Pale Ale

Behemoth Be Hoppy #3 Hazy Pale Ale



Brewed In


What to expect:

Lemon zest, sweet orange and pineapple

Judges Comments:

From a brewery that has specialised in hazy beers, you’d expect nothing less than a Top 30 appearance from Behemoth. After bringing us Lid Ripper in 2018 and Me Time Mosaic last year, they’re back with another hazy. This one’s a little different from those two classics of the genre with a real sweet lemon vibrancy to it. There’s lemon zest and sweet orange with a layer of floral citrus blossom. The hops deliver a nicely tangy note and offset the textural sweetness. The beer features a relatively new hop, the oddly-named Sultana, which doesn’t deliver sultana flavours at all – it’s more pine and pineapple – which work well with the other hops to create a woody undertone and a nicely pitched 5.7% ABV.



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Pairing Recommendation:

Big flavours here so think blue cheese, smoked salmon, anything with soy, ginger or garlic ... it would love to get tangled up with some Malaysian-style noodles.