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Best New Zealand non-alcoholic beers for 2024

Over the past year or two, the quality of New Zealand non-alcoholic beer has markedly improved.

It’s notoriously tough to make a good quality brew that tastes like the real thing, but considering we have some of the best breweries in the world, it’s no surprise we’re churning out some of the best booze-free brews you can get your hands on - right here at home.

Keep scrolling to discover the best of the best New Zealand-made non-alcoholic beers for 2024 plus our favourite food pairings for each bevvy

8 Wired Lo-Fi Raspberry Sour Ale

Type of beer: Low Carb Beer

Brewery: 8 Wired Brewing

Flavours: Tart, refreshing raspberry

Judges’ comments: Low carb combined with low ABV (2.5%) and big flavour is a win-win for drinkers who want a great-tasting beer that won’t over-tax your body. This brew is based on the German-style Berliner Weisse, which is often served with a dash of raspberry syrup for sweetness. The execution here is top-notch with a robust raspberry aroma and a hint of lemon. It looks great in the glass too, with the judges praising the “very pretty slight pink blush.”

Pairing Recommendation: Bright fruity effervescence goes well with blue cheese.

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Emerson's Super Quench Lower Carb Pacific Pilsner

Type of beer: Low Carb Beer

Brewery: Emerson's Brewery

Flavours: Low carb, high flavour

Judges’ comments: Low carb beers are all the rage right now as drinkers seek “better for you” options, and this one from Emerson’s is doubly good: bringing that rare combination of low carb and high flavour. This is a beer you’d be happy to drink whether you wanted a lower carb option or not. At just 4 per cent ABV it tastes as good as any 5% pilsner. There’s a lovely hop character as well, but nothing overpowering — just perfectly in balance, offering exactly what the name suggests: a super-tasting beer that’s incredibly thirst-quenching. The judges appreciated the big flavour and the texture: “Full-flavoured palate, good weight on the malt, nice level of fruity hops. Nice pilsner.”

Pairing Recommendation: Light and bright beer wants light and bright Japanese tempura veges.

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Bach Brewing ALL DAY ORIGINAL Non-alc IPA

Type of beer: Low alcohol and non-alcoholic beer

Brewery: Bach Brewing

Flavours: Non-alc almost like the real thing

Judges’ comments: One of the original non-alcoholic craft beers in Aotearoa, and — according to our judges — still one of the best. It’s so beer-like you might be confused as to whether it’s genuinely a non-alc. With less than 0.5% alcohol as a base for building layers of flavour, it’s hard for zeroes to stay interesting and in balance but this beer achieves that flawlessly. The judges lauded the brew team: “Impressive to squeeze this much hop character into a non-alc beer”. They noted “strong aromas of mango and lychee jump out of the glass, with a dank green capsicum edge”. Those hops present on the palate as “juicy citrus, with some herbaceousness and a restrained bitterness and clean, crisp finish.”

Pairing Recommendation: Perfect lunch combo with a bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato sandwich.

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Epic Super Zero IPA

Type of beer: Low alcohol and non-alcoholic beer

Brewery: Steam Brewing/ HANCOCKS

Flavours: Bright lemon note, clean

Judges’ comments: Epic are legends when it comes to hoppy beers and you’d expect no different when it comes to a non-alcoholic version with Super Zero. At less than 0.5%, it presents a delightfully intense hop aroma of fresh lemon rind. The judges were rapt with how “clean” this beer is: both in aroma and flavour. “Good clarity, soft bitterness, pillowy sweetness, perfumey and sherbet-like hop flavour,” they wrote. We’re in a golden age of non-alcoholic beers in Aotearoa and this is a shining example.

Pairing Recommendation: The light lemon drop hop is tailormade for sushi and sashimi.

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Zeffer 0% Alcohol Passionfruit Cider

Type of beer: Low alcohol and non-alcoholic cider and mead

Brewery: Zeffer

Flavours: Lively passionfruit, huge flavour for a 0

Judges’ comments: Back for a second year in a row in the Top 30 means this is a product you can trust. Frankly, our judges think this is one of the best zero alcohol beverages in the country. It’s sweet, lush, sherbety, a little tart and refreshing. The popping passionfruit aroma is underscored by fresh apple cider with surprising heft to the mouthfeel. “Fresh and crisp mouthfeel, with a good level of acidity,” the judges wrote. “Apple cider is present and passionfruit flavour carries well throughout. Very strong passionfruit nose, lean body, strong acidity but not overpowering, excellent flavour that lingers — bright and fun.”

Pairing Recommendation: The ideal lunch quaffer with a quiche or caesar salad.

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