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New World Beer & Cider Awards FAQs

  • Do I need to be a supplier to New World or Foodstuffs?
    No, new suppliers are welcome and actively encouraged. For new suppliers, if your product is selected for the Top 30, we’ll guide you through the supplier approval process.
  • What are the entry criteria?

    The four important conditions to entry are:

    • you are able to supply the minimum volume within the required time-frame.
    • the product is packaged and labelled for retail sale with both a product barcode and an outer case barcode that have a Barcode Verification Report completed by GS1.
    • the product is manufactured under current food safety certification.
    • entries imported from overseas must have a New Zealand distributor

    Please note, Foodstuffs is supporting industry moves to outers of 12 for single bottles and cans. If you have any queries on these points, please contact Rachel Touhey on [email protected].

  • How much does it cost to enter?
    The entry fee is $100 + GST per entry. An invoice with payment instructions will be sent with your entry confirmation.
  • Is this competition open to beers and ciders imported from overseas?
    Beer and cider from any country can be entered and there is no restriction on the number of products that a supplier may enter. However, imported entries must have a New Zealand distributor.
  • When do I send samples and how many bottles do you need?

    Entries will be confirmed by email on Monday 17 February. This email will include instructions for sending samples. Samples must be received by Friday 28 February.

    8 x sample bottles or cans are required for judging for products containing less than 500ml
    6 x sample bottles or cans for products between 500ml and 999ml
    4 x sample riggers, bottles or squealers for products over 1 litre

    Each entry must be submitted for judging in its retail packaging. No tank or barrel samples can be entered.

  • Can I send samples without a finished label?

    Yes, new beers and ciders may be entered for judging without a “finished” label. However, the samples must have a temporary label including the product name, name and address of the producer and the information required by the FSANZ labelling regulations. A copy of the proposed label may be attached to the samples.

    If the beer or cider is selected for the Top 30 it must be fully labelled and available for photography by Friday 27 March.

  • How do you judge the entries?
    Each entry will be blind judged and assessed on its qualities using a collaborative approach evaluating technical excellence, balance and, most importantly, drinkability. The top entries in each class will then be randomised, re-tasted and ranked by the Table Captains and Chair to determine the Top 30. The next 70 best brews will be Highly Commended and listed on the New World website, creating a final list of the Top 100 beers and ciders.
  • When do I get the results, and when can I tell everyone if I’m a winner?

    All results will be confirmed by email to the address provided on the entry form on Friday 13 March.

    All results are confidential and embargoed until the New World Beer & Cider Awards public announcement. From Monday 20 April breweries can discuss their winning beers and ciders with New World stores ONLY. All results are still under public embargo and must not to be publicly disclosed until the awards are officially announced. The date of lifting the public embargo will be confirmed by email from the Competition Director.

  • What happens if my brew is selected for the Top 30?

    The Top 30 beers and ciders entered into the competition will be rewarded with national distribution through 138 New World stores, gaining extensive brand exposure through active instore promotion and comprehensive marketing during the awards’ four-week promotional period. Top 30 beers and ciders will be distributed through Foodstuffs ambient Distribution Centres (DC).

    The Competition Director will email the supplier of each Top 30 product on Friday 13 March with the good news! You will be asked to confirm:

    • you have the volume in the required timeframe
    • that the entry has both a product barcode and an outer case barcode and these have a Barcode Verification Report completed by GS1
    • the product is manufactured under current food safety certification
    • if the entry is imported from overseas, that it has a New Zealand distributor

    You have until midday Wednesday 18 March to confirm that your Top 30 product meets these entry criteria. Then you’ll receive an email detailing next steps of what you need to do and what Foodstuffs will do. If you’re a new supplier to Foodstuffs, this will include the process for setting you up as an approved supplier and the paperwork that’s required by Friday 3 April.

    If your beer or cider is selected for the Top 30 but doesn’t meet the entry criteria (not enough stock / non-compliant barcodes / no basic food safety / no NZ distributor), the product won’t be eligible for the four-week New World Beer & Cider Awards promotion. As a result, it will be awarded Highly Commended and the next highest ranked product will take its place in the Top 30.

  • How do you promote the Top 30 to customers?
    New World undertakes a comprehensive marketing and PR campaign to highlight the Top 30 beers and ciders to consumers. Complimentary instore sampling with New World customers is a key part of this activity. All Top 30 suppliers are expected to seriously evaluate the different options to achieve maximum sampling opportunities nationwide throughout the four-week promotional period.
  • What happens if my brew is Highly Commended?
    After the Top 30 selection, the next 70 best beers and ciders will be Highly Commended and listed on the New World website, creating a Top 100 list for shoppers to explore. There is no guarantee of distribution through New World stores for Highly Commended products. However, you can contact the liquor category team at Foodstuffs North Island and Foodstuffs South Island who may present your product for ranging in New World stores – a process which evaluates the merits of each product and promotional support.
  • Does my award apply to all packaging formats?

    Yes. Medal stickers showing the Top 30 and Highly Commended awards will be supplied and available to purchase. They can be put on beers and ciders of the same recipe, using the same ingredients, brewed at the same location and of the same discernible quality as that entered for judging.

    You’ll receive your award certificates and a roll of 1,000 medal stickers for each winning product during week commencing 20 April. The cost of these stickers is included in the entry fee. Medal stickers can only be applied to brews as per the confirmation of results emailed on Friday 13 March.

    Medal stickers can only be applied after the lifting of the public embargo. If you wish to incorporate the medal sticker into your label design or advertising, please contact [email protected]

Entries closed 14 February 2020.

All enquiries are welcome and can be directed to the Competition Director:
Rachel Touhey, Foodstuffs NZ
[email protected]