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Classes and minimum volume requirements

Enter products into the relevant class according to what is printed on the label. For example, if the label states IPA, enter it into class 4, IPA.

Minimum volume requirement and timeframe for delivery for products not currently stocked in Foodstuffs ambient DC - click here for outer cases required. Please note: Foodstuffs is supporting industry moves to outers of 12 for single bottles and cans. 

  • Similar style beers and ciders are grouped together within a class to ensure consistency of judging.
  • Brewers notes are important to ensure entries are judged correctly. 
  • Judges will work collaboratively on tables and blind-taste and evaluate each entry based on technical excellence, balance and, most importantly, drinkability. 
  • The top entries in each class will then be randomised, re-tasted and ranked by the Table Captains and Chair to determine the Top 30. These Top 30 beers and ciders will be rewarded with distribution through New World stores nationwide. 
  • The next 70 top brews will be Highly Commended and will feature on the New World website, creating a list of the Top 100 beers and ciders.

1. Lager

All products labelled as Lager including dark lagers.
2. Pilsner
 All products labelled as Pilsner.

3. Pale Ale 

All products labelled as Pale Ale including American pale ale, NZ pale ale, extra pale ale, XPA, strong pale ale etc.

Excludes Hazy Pale Ale – enter under class 5 Hazy

4. IPA

All products labelled as IPA Includes double IPA, red IPA, black IPA etc.

Excludes Hazy IPA – enter under class 5 Hazy

5. Hazy All Pale Ales and IPAs labelled as Hazy
6. Stout & Porter 
All products labelled as Stout or Porter.
7. Wheat & Other Grain Beer 
All products labelled as wheat beer and predominantly featuring other grains such as rye, oats, rice, corn, gluten free etc.
8. Sour, barrel-aged, fruit, flavoured, spiced, smoked, specialty & experimental 
All products that note on the label that they are sour, barrel-aged, have added fruit, flavouring, spice, are smoked, specialty or experimental. 
 9. Other ales and beers  All products that fall outside the above classes eg brown ales, Belgian-styles, Scotch ales, bitter, summer ale, Irish ale, amber ale etc. 
10a. Modern Cider - Dry Up to 20.5g/L residual sugar or Final S.G. of < 1.008
10b. Modern Cider - Medium 
20.5-38.2g/L residual sugar or Final S.G. 1.008-1.015
10c. Modern Cider - Sweet 
More than 38.2g/L residual sugar or Final S.G of > 1.015
11a. Traditional Cider - Dry 
Up to 20.5g/L residual sugar or Final S.G. of < 1.008
11b. Traditional Cider - Medium 
20.5-38.2g/L residual sugar or Final S.G. 1.008-1.015
12a. Traditional Cider - Sweet
More than 38.2g/L residual sugar or Final S.G of > 1.015
12. Perry / Pear Cider  Minimum 75% Pear juice, maximum 25% Apple juice, with no other fruit or flavouring, and must have the characteristics of Pear Cider. Maximum of 9% ABV. Please include SG in the Brewers Notes.
13a. Cider Blends - Cider with Fruit
Cider or Perry/Pear Cider made with added fruit only. Max ABV 9%. Does not include ciders with a blend of fruit and spices, botanicals etc. Please include SG in the Brewers Notes.
13b. Cider Blends - Cider with Spices, Botanicals or Honey 
Cider or Perry / Pear Cider made with added spices, botanicals or honey, including ginger, chili, chocolate / cocoa, elderflower, as well as these blended with fruit. Max ABV 9%. Please include SG in the Brewers Notes.
13d. Mead
Supermarket-compliant products labelled as “mead”.
13c. Cider Blends - Cider with Hops
Cider or Perry / Pear Cider made with added hops. Max ABV 9%. Please include SG in the Brewers Notes.
14a. Specialty Cider - Ice Cider
Cider made from fruit frozen prior to pressing or juice that has been freeze concentrated. No other added sweeteners allowed.  ABV 7 -13%. Please include SG in the Brewers Notes.
14b. Specialty Cider - Bottle Fermented Cider  Cider or Perry / Pear Cider that has been fermented in bottle. Please include SG and whether Bottle Conditioned or Methode in the Brewers Notes.
14c. Specialty Cider - Other Specialty Cider
Cider or Perry / Pear Cider that does not fit in any other category. Open ended class intended for particularly innovative ciders. Please include SG and intended style under the Brewers Notes. 
15. Seltzer, Alcoholic Kombucha, Alcoholic Ginger Beer 

Products where the dominant term on the packaging is “Seltzer” or “Kombucha” or “Ginger Beer”.

Enter grocery-compliant products that don’t fall into earlier classes into this class for evaluation. 

Important: due to the long approval times, your product(s) must be approved as grocery compliant by Foodstuffs North Island and South Island legal teams PRIOR to judging.  If you’d like to enter but haven’t got legal approval please contact [email protected]


Entries closed 10 February 2020.

All enquiries are welcome and can be directed to the Competition Director:
Rachel Touhey, Foodstuffs NZ
[email protected]