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Pair these award-winning hazies with our yummy recipes

Hazy pale ales and IPAs are quite free-wheeling when it comes to food matches. You’ll find the mouthfeel is creamy, silky and lush and the flavour is about tropical fruit with a sweetish finish. It’s no wonder they’re often described as juicy. They are great beers to offset briny shellfish, such as oysters or mussels. The richness of a hazy makes it a great alternative to wine – try them with lightly spiced noodles or rice, such as a Malaysian-style nasi goreng or char kway teow. And the sweet, fruity flavours and mellow body also go superbly well with vanilla and chocolate desserts.

Lighter-style Asian food such as noodles and fried rice are enhanced by sipping on a hazy pale ale. Equally, white meats such as roast pork with apple sauce and Japanese-style karaage chicken — are ideal partners to a fluffy, juicy hazy.

Super-fruity beers would love the crunch of nachos — beef or vegetarian, it doesn’t matter as long as there’s corn chips and guacamole involved. Equally the sweet flavours will go nicely with a chocolate brownie.