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Pair these award-winning hazy IPA's with our yummy recipes

Hazy IPAs are a such a different story to traditional IPA when it comes to food matches. You’ll find the mouthfeel is creamy, silky and lush and the flavour is all tropical fruit with a sweet finish. They are great beers to offset briny shellfish, such as oysters or mussels. The richness of a hazy IPA makes it a great alternative to wine – try them with lightly spiced noodles or rice, such as a Malaysian-style nasi goreng or Char Kuey Tau. The sweet, fruity flavours go superbly well with vanilla and chocolate desserts too.

There’s enough subtle differences between these beers to try them with a range of food: Baylands Offshore Bandit with sashimi or a delicate fish slider; Burkes #Fakenews with beef rendang; Garage Project Party & Bulls#*t with Nashville-style chicken; Heart of Darkness Some Sorcerer with Vietnamese shaking beef; and Behemoth Be Hoppy would like ideal with Malaysian noodle or fried rice dish like the soft bouncy Char Kuey Tau.