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Look for the blue ticket

Our mission is to continually help New Zealanders shop to their budgets every week. That's why we have 100s of products in our Everyday Low Price range.
Look out for the blue Everyday Low Price tickets on our shelves for great prices on products that matter most to households across Aotearoa.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about Everyday Low Price.


1. What is Everyday Low Price?
Everyday Low Price is our way of helping customers find value at New World. The bright blue ticket is on hundreds of products that our customers buy week in and week out and includes everyday items that matter most to households across Aotearoa. We keep these prices low and stable for longer, so our customers can have more certainty around the price of their shop.
2. How do I find an Everyday Low Price product?
To help our customers easily identify which products are Everyday Low Price, we’ve stepped out of our red zone and into the blue – with instantly recognisable bright blue Everyday Low Price ticketing that can’t be missed instore or on-line.
3. Is Everyday Low Price a special?
Everyday Low Price isn’t a special or one-off promotion price. Everyday Low Price products remain at a consistently low price. Our shoppers can easily find the blue ticket and can have more certainty on the price of their groceries when they shop at New World.
4. Do Everyday Low Price products change price?
Everyday Low Price products are held at a low price for longer. However, after a reasonable period of time the price may change and the product will no longer be promoted as an Everyday Low Price.
5. Do I need a Clubcard to get an Everyday Low Price product?
Everyday Low Prices are available for all New World shoppers. You don’t need a Clubcard to buy Everyday Low Price products.
6. Will Everyday Low Price products be the same in every store and online?
Brands and product types of the Everyday Low Price products may differ from store to store, however the price when shopping online is the same as the price when shopping instore for Everyday Low Price products (from the same store).
7. Is Everyday Low Price only Private Label products?
There are literally hundreds of everyday items included in Everyday Low Price range and they’re a mix of branded and own label grocery items. We’ve done a lot of research into what products our customers eat and use every day, and there are a lot of great value, Private Label products included in Everyday Low Price. Every New World is independently owned and operated, so the range and availability of stock may vary store to store.