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North Island Everyday Value products:

NZ Lamb Loin Chops

Sunny Crust Toast White 600g

Cleanskin Merlot 750ml

Pams Cream 300ml

Mainland Butter 500g

Pams White Sugar 1.5kg

Pams Nappy Pants Junior 11s

Kiwi Blue Still Water 1.5l

Bavaria Can 6pk 440ml

Tegel Rtg Satay Chicken Tenders

Pams Flour Self Raising 1.5kg

Beehive Sausage Herb/ Roast Garlic Angus Beef 450g

Pams Milk Powder Whole 1kg

Pams Oil Canola 500ml

Turks Chicken Nibbles 1kg

Pams Salted Potato Chips M/Pk 10s

Pams Rice Crackers Mini BBQ Chicken 12s

Philips Softone 100w Bc

Pams Simmer Sauce Sweet N Sour 510g

Pams Dog Food Can Casserole Beef Veg 1.2kg

Pams Cling Wrap 60m X 300mm

Pams Tuna Chunks In Springwater 425g

Pams Rice Jasmine 1kg

Live Plus Energy Drink Persist Glass 355ml

Pams Soap Aloe 4s

Pams Dip N' Go Cheese 6pk

Salisbury Ham & Chicken Spread 100g

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