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Everyday items at great prices that last

Look out for the Everyday Value tickets on our shelves for great prices that last on everyday items.

Pams Potato/Pasta Salad or Coleslaw 400g
$3.99 ea

Pams Thai Green, Rendang or Beef Maasman Curry Rice Meal 450G
$9.99 ea
Pams Butter Chicken, Rice & Naan 520G
$9.99 ea



Butter Chicken 
Pams Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken Rice & Naan 520G
$9.99 ea
Tikka Masala 
Pams Ginger Beer or Lemon, Lime & Bitters 340ml 6 Pack Bottles
$4.89 ea
ginger beer 
Value Cookie Double Chocolate Brownie 325g
$1.99 ea



Value Toilet Tissue 2ply White 4ea
$1.39 ea

Value Toilet Tissue 2Ply White 4Ea 
Value Cocoa Puffs 600g
$3.99 ea


Value Cocoa Puffs 600g 
Pams Nappy Pants Junior 11s
$4.99 ea


Pams Nappy Pants Junior 11S 
Pams Walker Nappies 13s
$4.99 ea


Pams Walker Nappies 13S 

Pams Flour 1.5kg Pure Plain
$2.29 ea

Pams Flour 1.5Kg Standard Pure Plain 
Pams Rice Jasmine 1kg
$2.80 ea


Pams Rice Jasmine 1Kg 
Pams Corn Kernel Whole or Creamed 410g
$1.19 ea

Canned corn 

Pams Tuna Chunks In Springwater 425g
$4.99 ea

Pams Tuna Chunks In Springwater 425g 
Pams Vege Crisps Mixed Multi 144g
$2.99 ea


Pams Vege Crisps Mixed Multi 144g 
Pams Vege Crisps Original, Sour Cream & Chives 150g
$1.99 ea
Vege chips 

Value Corn Whole Kernel/Creamed 410g
$0.99 ea


Tinned corn 
Value Table Spread 500g
$1.49 ea



Value Table Spread 500g 
Value Paper Towels White 2ply 1pk
$0.99 ea

Value Paper Towels White 2Ply 1Pk 
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