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Supply update: WHISKAS dry kibble cat food

Stocks of your favourite WHISKAS Dry kibble cat food will be very low over the next couple of months. We apologize for any inconvenience and we’re working hard to get it back on our shelves as soon as possible. Until then, please use the transitional guide below to help with changing your pet food. 


Changing to a new food? 

We know cats can be fussy, so we’ve put together some tips* for how to manage the transition to a different type of cat food. A gentle transition will help avoid potential stomach upset and allow your cats digestive system to adjust to any new ingredients.


Cat food chart

Did you know?

A mixed diet of dry and wet food will provide nutritional variety and enjoyment that your cat needs for a happy life.

Cats aren’t naturally inclined to drink a lot of water, which can cause them some health problems. Feeding your cat wet food helps increase their water intake and reduces the risk of lower urinary tract diseases.

Finding cat food alternatives.

There is a wide range of wet and dry cat food to choose from at New World. Visit the pet food aisle or see this weeks mailer for great deals on cat food. 


*This advice is intended as general guidance and we recommend you consult with a veterinary professional if you have any concerns.