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8 Wired iStout


Stout, Porter & Dark

Brewed In


What to expect:

Sweet, decadent, chocolate, dates, leather and licorice

Judges Comments:

Warkworth-based 8-Wired have brought some stunning – and sometimes out-there – beers to this competition in recent years including their funky Cucumber Hippy and vibrant Wild Feijoa Ale. But brewer Soren Eriksen is a pioneer when it comes to big, dark beers like this Imperial Stout, which was a groundbreaker when first released. It’s a decadently gorgeous imperial stout which will soothe your senses. Chocolate, dates, leather and licorice coupled with a fortified wine’s satin intensity. Rich and warming – this is your classic by-the-fire sharing beer.

Pairing Recommendation:

A booming imperial stout will handle most foods in the same way as a rich red wine such as Shiraz. Steak with mushroom sauce is ideal. And making this into a spider with a scoop of ice cream dropped in the glass as dessert.

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