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Bavaria 0.0% Wit



Brewed In


What to expect:

Mind-blowing 0 percent brewing genius

Judges Comments:

You’ll be as stunned as the judges when they discovered a zero alcohol beer that scored a remarkable 98 out of 100. Quick explainer: Wit is a Belgian-style wheat beer traditionally made with orange zest and coriander and relying on interesting yeast character to provide complexity and depth. With zero alcohol most of those great flavours are still there. Ditto the mouthfeel – nothing is lacking here. It’s brewing genius. Bubblegum and botanicals on the nose, full creamy body, clean finish. Brewed with acai extract which adds guava flavour. “Blew my mind”, said one judge. We guarantee you’ll love this whether you’re after zero ABV or not.

Pairing Recommendation:

Normally a zero per cent beer might be hard to match with food but this has some much spice and lemon flavour. It can handle lots of pre-dinner snacks and will work wonders alongside mussels, prawns and crayfish.