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Thursday8.00am - 7.00pm
8829 Liberty Knife Party

Liberty Knife Party



Brewed In


What to expect:

Flavour-packed starburst of hops

Judges Comments:

When it first came out in 2013, Knife Party set the benchmark for what we might call “new age” IPAs – loads and loads of hops, but built onto a much leaner malt base than had been the norm for IPAs earlier in the century. The result is an incredibly easy-drinking IPA where flavour is stuffed in like down in a sleeping bag – there’s lots of flavour there, but it doesn’t feel too heavy. The judges loved this “uncompromising IPA” where the hops “come through and dominate”. The intensity of the hops concludes with a long and pleasing bitterness with just enough of that pared-back malt to play a good support role without getting in the way of the hop stars.


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Pairing Recommendation:

A slightly lighter malt-base (for an IPA) combined with bright hops is perfect for a barbecued chicken, with a bit of char on it.