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Broccoli – puananī/porokori 

Although available all-year-round broccoli is at its best during the cooler months.

Taste the season of perfectly crisp locally grown broccoli 

A classic kiwi staple, our fresh and vibrant broccoli is mainly grown in the fertile plains of the Horowhenua, Canterbury and Gisborne. Each individual broccoli head is hand-picked for its quality, size and colour and is packed in the field so you can enjoy the freshest broccoli around. 

Meet our growers

We work with some of the best growers across the country and these two are no exception. Meet salt of the earth growers, father & son, John and Jay from Woodhaven Gardens. John’s been growing broccoli and other delicious greens in the rich coastal soil of the Horowhenua for the past 42 years. From seed to harvest each vibrant head of broccoli is tended to by their dedicated team who make sure that only the best heads of broccoli end up in our stores. 

Tasty tips

Bursting with freshness and packed full of vitamins, broccoli is the ultimate superfood. When buying the perfect broccoli – look for dark green heads with an almost purple tinge and perfectly firm, strong stems and stalks – a sign of freshness! Always store your crisp broccoli in the fridge and be sure to enjoy within 7 days of buying.