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Keeping the Easter Magic Alive this Weekend

April 2020

A collective sigh of relief was heard across the country when the Prime Minister deemed the Easter Bunny an essential worker. As we head into the next two weeks of lockdown, there might be a struggle to stay motivated or find inspiration to bring the Easter spirit to life in our bubbles.  

“It’s important now more than ever to create memories together that will have a lasting, positive impact when we look back on this time,” says Pippa Prain, New World Marketing and CX Lead. “We want to make this Easter one to remember, not because it happened during a global pandemic, but because we stood together, took time to appreciate the little things and stood in solidarity as New Zealanders” 

New World and the New Zealand Government are inviting New Zealanders of all ages to participate in The Big New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt. “We can still celebrate Easter together, but in our own bubbles,” says Prain. Here’s how it works: print an Easter egg, colour it the way you want to and pop it in your window. “Plus, you can also get involved in our New World Easter “Colour the Bunny” competition and have a chance to win some New World vouchers to treat your family. Colouring isn’t just for kids, in fact, adults might find the exercise to be cathartic and a nice activity to do together as a family.”

What are New Zealanders eating this Easter weekend?

“The demand we’ve seen for flour is three times the normal, so it’s safe to say families are getting in the kitchen and keeping the Easter spirit alive with homemade baked goods like hot cross bun pudding and Easter egg nests. Since we’re all home and have time to do so now, we’re also seeing customers try their hand at more scratch cooking and refining their baking skills to include homemade breads, which is in line with the flour and yeast purchasing behaviour we’ve seen.”

NZ Butter* 84%
Yoghurt* 71%
Croissants 47%
Potato chips* 38%
Chocolate biscuits 34%
Blue Cheese 26%
Scotch Fillet Steak 20%
Party mix sweets 14%
French vanilla ice cream 9%
*referencing growth of specific item in this category
(The above data is representative from New World I Shop’s purchases for the period of 30 March-5 April 2020 compared to 23 March-29 March. Source: Google Analytics.)

The top rising products purchased online with New World last week compared to the week prior are largely made up of potato chips (some brands of potato chips are up 40% on the week prior), cheeses (blue cheese in particular is up 26%), biscuits (chocolate biscuits are up 34%), lollies, ice cream and even croissants (which are up 47%). 

“Looking at recent New World I Shop online shopping sales increases, we’re seeing some of the household rules around occasional or ‘treat’ foods relax as families reach for comfort food including potato chips, biscuits and confectionery,” says Prain. “With every meal, snack, dessert or pick-me-up now eaten at home, consumers are relying on convenience or comfort; convenience to eat something simple and easy-to-make in between conference calls or for the kids during home-schooling lunchtime, or comfort to help relieve stress and perhaps give us a feeling of nostalgia when we grab a nibble that was prevalent in childhood, but not so much now in adulthood.” 

With no option for takeaways, New Zealanders are looking for new inspiration every day to switch up meals and excite the family when it’s time to eat.

“Pre-lockdown, we saw customers reach for prepared meals, like canned meals and instant noodles, pasta, mince, personal wash, home cleaners, bacon, vitamins, canned veggies and long-life milks. When we moved to full lockdown, purchases were in in line with pre-lockdown purchasing behaviours, but there was an increase in snackfoods, particularly chips.”

Don’t forget the baking and hot cross buns

However, it isn’t Easter without everyone’s favourite treat: hot cross buns. 

“Easter isn’t Easter without hot cross buns. You can scoop freshly-made hot cross buns up from the store next time you’re in for your big shop, or you can use your time spent at home to finally try to make your own from scratch.”

Breakfast in Bed? Try hot cross bun French toast. Sweet tooth itching for something different? Try hot cross bun bread & butter pudding. Want to impress your partner? Try making them from scratch

“Whatever you end up cooking or baking this weekend, make sure you treat yourself and celebrate the little moments together in your bubble.”