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Pears - pea

We source some of the juiciest pears from across the country. Although available nearly all year round – pears are at their best during peak season – from February through to May. 

Taste the season of juicy plump pears 

One of the oldest fruits around, our deliciously sweet pears are mainly grown in Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Nelson and are delicately hand-picked one by one. They’re immediately placed into a cool store for optimum freshness and delivered fresh daily to your local New World.

Meet our growers

Meet John Paynter, passionate fourth generation grower and founder of the Yummy Fruit Company. Growing deliciously plump pears, apples and stone fruit is in John’s blood. Into his 70th harvest season, John’s been pruning trees and picking fruit since he was just 9 years old! With John’s life being all about fruit it was only natural for his son Paul to get involved in the family business, now five generations of local growers, they’ll soon look to the next generation to continue with the family business.  

Top pear picks

Looking for the perfect pear? They come in a variety of different shades, they can be green, brown, gold or even red. So, when buying look for texture over colour. Brown varieties, like the Beurre Bosc are best when they’re just starting to soften –deliciously sweet and perfect for cooking. Whilst pears like Packham’s or Doyenne du Comice are best when nice and firm.