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Taste the season of perfectly crisp local apples

Mainly grown throughout Hawkes Bay and Gisborne, they’re hand-picked and delivered fresh daily to your local New World. Our growers use a range of techniques to make sure their apples are perfectly ripe, bright and firm – like using reflective closh to help mature and colour the apples. But the best way to find out whether a tree bears delicious apples is to taste test! 

Meet our growers

You couldn’t meet a more passionate pair than father son duo, John & Paul Paynter from Yummy in the Hawkes Bay – for the past 25 years they’ve been supplying deliciously sweet apples, pears and stone fruit to New World. Paul’s a fifth-generation grower and naturally became a part of the family business. With over 62 orchards and nearly a million apple trees there’s a lot of deliciously sweet apples to pick almost all year round. 

Top Tips

There’s a bunch of delicious apple varieties’ that are grown throughout New Zealand. From Granny Smith to Royal Gala from Ambrosia to Braeburn, the list goes on. When buying apples like Granny Smith, look for bright green coloured skin; and for apples like Ambrosia lookout for firm apples with a nice shade of red with good flicks of yellow and green throughout – a sign its beautifully fresh and great tasting too!