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Pair award-winning IPA’s with our delicious recipes

The five IPAs in the Top 30 are incredibly diverse – ranging from a classically bracing West Coast-styles, to a gentler red IPA to light and dry brut IPA. Whatever the choice, the bold, hoppy flavours of IPA (think grapefruit, pine resin and peaches) work brilliantly with comforting, rich pub grub fare. The carbonation, bitterness and slight acidity cuts through fat and handles a bit of salt from the likes of burgers, nachos, a mixed grill and pizza. The golden rule is the bigger the beer, the bolder the food.

Liberty’s Citra Double IPA wants the biggest, boldest, barbecue flavours you can find, like sticky, smoky ribs. On the other hand, Urbanaut’s more delicate, dry and light brut IPA is ideal for a fragrant Thai curry. The two West Coast-style IPAs – Liberty’s Knife Party and Isthmus 3D – are made to walk hand-in-hand with a barbecue chook and a burger (preferably with bacon and cheese) respectively while Bach Brewing’s DUSKRIDER Red IPA, with its gentle caramel malts wants the food match just pulled back a bit – think shepherd’s pie or bangers and mash.