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Boost your BBQ

Be a barbecue master with our tops tips and recipes. 

Barbecue marinades

Hot tips

Avoid extra virgin olive oil in marinades or adding sweet barbeque sauce to meat before cooking. Both burn and smoke on contact with barbecues. Instead, use a light olive oil, or vegetable oil in marinades or brush on sauce during the last few minutes of cooking. Getting clever with marinades can really inject some life into your BBQ. Pick up a pre-marinated option from your local New World and you can get a huge range of flavours, textures and spices without even having to pick up a whisk!

Try your hand at these easy homemade marinades

Taking care of your BBQ 

Hints & tips

A barbecue is the centerpiece of Kiwi summer dining. An outdoor grill that is kept constantly clean will stay in good working order for a long time and will ensure that the food always tastes great. Barbecues should be cleaned after every use and at the beginning and end of the barbecue season. Every barbecue is different, so check the manual or ask your retailer for advice.

Great tips for cleaning your barbecue

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